#diabetesawarenessmonth #doc #diabetesawareness (Looking back a few days later)

I really do wish that I had time for consistent blogging- My schedule is just as full as ever- and I enjoy the majority of it (except for classes). I am getting ready to lead two teen breakout sessions for TypeOne Nation; Atlanta in February and the South Summit in January. I am BEYOND excited … Continue reading #diabetesawarenessmonth #doc #diabetesawareness (Looking back a few days later)

My “Love” Letter to the College Diabetes Network, CDN.

disclaimer- I didn't check for errors- my apologizes Currently- I'm in one of my favorite settings- a coffee shop watching the evening stroll by. Nothing like tea for LSAT Studying and finishing up a blog post. Break from LSAT studying- count em- less than two weeks before test day- I can only keep powering through … Continue reading My “Love” Letter to the College Diabetes Network, CDN.