My “Love” Letter to the College Diabetes Network, CDN.

disclaimer- I didn’t check for errors- my apologizes

Currently- I’m in one of my favorite settings- a coffee shop watching the evening stroll by. Nothing like tea for LSAT Studying and finishing up a blog post. Break from LSAT studying- count em- less than two weeks before test day- I can only keep powering through on the study surge while I work and get excited for camp- I will not be studying two days before- thank goodness because of camp! But to my post- well I mean we all know I get distracted easily- I can see readers and the people who know me shaking their heads in agreement.

My thoughts on an amazing CDN, College Diabetes Network, Retreat summed up in a video. Basically I believe it describes us all. and please watch before you read this- it’ll tie everything in better!

and if you want to find out more about Check Them Out! (maybe even donate?) D4D is a chapter of the CDN, and I am so glad we are. There are chapters all over the country, but wait- the college you want to attend doesn’t have one yet? Be the one to start a chapter! It is a rewarding experience, and they don’t make you bend over backwards- plus there is so much more to come. Be a part of an ever growing network of people impacted by Type 1 Diabetes. I was excited about what CDN was before the retreat, and I thought I understood it well- but BOY was I wrong. I am now even more excited than before, and now I fully understand what is going on. I am to the point of excited where I am in tunnel vision mode- and we all know what happens I get in that mode.

This post will be part of a 3 part series for this week- Love Letters- maybe more parts? We’ll see if I get inspired.

Why I love the CDN-

I’ll delve, I believe I am using this correctly, into the retreat which will explain a lot.

The fact that I was surrounded by the same type of “crazy” (those who want to change the world, impacted by Type 1 Diabetes, who don’t just want to sit around and watch the world go by without trying to make some well-needed waves) for several days was empowering and amazing and productive for me. When people asked me about the retreat back home, the easiest thing for me to say is that I was surrounded by people just as crazy as I am- and they smile because they know what I mean (The youtube above). I usually find myself in the minority because of what I want to do in my life- because of what I’m passionate about it- because I really want to make a difference in the Type 1 community (and beyond)- because (you catch my drift)- Then I arrive at this retreat- and everyone is on the same page- WHAT. Like I said empowering- and that happened because of the CDN- that happened – because they, the amazing women who have made CDN what is and will be, brought us together- because they wanted to, and are making, waves in the world– especially for the young adults with Type 1. The world often forgets us- but they aren’t. Because CDN has given us resources and motivation to start and to keep our organizations, CDN Chapters going. Because they have taken the time to fight for what they believe in. The CDN brought us together. They made student leaders and subcommittee members out of us. Because of this retreat I find myself in contact with people just as crazy as I am.

I came back with so many ideas for the future of D4D and a to do list I need to tackle before the end of summer with the assistance of my lovely exec board. This to do list consists of 33 tasks- many of which have small task as a part of that task. and the ideas? fundraisers, outreach, social events, etcetc. I’ve also realized my weakness in social events/support which will be my main focus. Now that D4D has a strong foundation, and a lot of the bumps and roadblocks have been assessed or dealt with, I plan to focus my attention on that. With the size of UGA- there should be around 150 people with Type 1- that doesn’t even include those impacted by Type 1! Be ready world- here I come!

Within a few days, I now have friends all across the country- we seriously bonded and were able to have really amazing and deep conversations! Other friends and family, I have that are in the same area or go to the same school- will be hearing about these chapters for sure! I know that if they were in Athens/Georgia, they’d be constantly supporting D4D/CDN. When I visit or go to Law School I know that there is a network waiting for me wherever I go. A great group- Show the Good came to tell our story! Check them out!

Maine was beautiful. The view we had was amazing. The hike, that I failed at (NOT BECAUSE OF DIABETES- but mostly asthma), was amazing. I have to go back and visit.

I’m pretty sure that if I was still experiencing my Diabetes burnout- this would have changed it.

CDN is making this all possible. They are making sure the young adult Type 1 community is heard- making a difference so that we as chapters can make a difference. They are fighting barriers, providing resources and a piece of mind, and extending their outreach- and the results I know will be incredible game changers (they already are- but they have big plans- even though in my mind they have done so much- they plan on doing more) I cannot even completely tell you every single thing they are doing because they are doing so much. But keep an eye out on them, be a part of it- by being a student involved, part of or the beginning of a chapter, a sponsor/donor, a parent involved, an endocrinologist or doctor paying attention, an alumni staying informed, school administration listening- or however you see yourself fit!

I could honestly keep going, but the studying calls my name. I am so appreciative of what CDN does, and I cannot wait to see what’s next.

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!


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