I don’t like being placed in a box, including my blog.

Places You Might Have Seen Posts-

The Nightstand Collective” A photo and information about my nightstand- but it’s all about a look at chronic illness through nightstands. February 2017

Soaring Insulin Prices Prompt Insurance Shift” article in USA Today by Jayne O’Donnell– I’m quote towards the end! December 2016

Treating Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Diabetes” post by Ginger Vieira on A Sweet Life– December 2016

Back on Diabetes Connections (with CDN Students) about the College Diabetes Network. – November 2016

Talking about the College Diabetes Network at the end of this TuDiabetes Talks Episode with Diabetes Hands Foundation – October 2016

“Mindy- Diabetes and Mental Health” Guest post about mental health and diabetes on Lyfebulb– July 2016

“Being a Diabetes Medical Supply Hoarder” Guest post about insurance/being a supplies hoarder on Beyond Type 1– June 2016

“Part of the Change” guest post about everyday advocacy-especially in school! on Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC). April 2016

“The CDN Changed my Life” (YEAH IT DID) guest post about my involvement in CDN on Beyond Type 1– April 2016

My Fight for Information” guest post on T1International about finding information for a paper and health insurance. March 2016.

“Plot Twist!” guest post on Diabetes Daily Grind about adulting with Diabetes. February 2016.

“Thrive Guide for Young Adults” in the September/October 2015 edition of Diabetes Forecast. A CDN opportunity that I got involved with during my last semester of college. (see #3 and #6)

For One Week Each Year, I’m Not the Only One.” (Page 2) – Lilly’s Caring for Camps overview. Late Summer/Early Fall 2015

Diabetes Connections- The College Diabetes Network – Podcast with Stacey Simms at Diabetes Connections about the College Diabetes Network- August 2015

“Kitty!! And Other Low Tales” – Guest post about my persistent lows at Six Until Me– August 2015

“My Diabetes Advocacy Journey” – Guest blog for Lilly about the CDN 2015 Retreat including a mini snapshot of my journey with CDN.  -July 2015

Tandem‘s Second Ever Featured User. May 2015

The Mighty


Guest Blogger for Women’s Health and Diabetes- Focused on PCOS and Endometriosis


Insulin Nation

Fun Stuff

“UGA’s Amazing Students: Mindy Bartleson”– I was honored to be selected as an Amazing Student at the University of GA for the week of February 1, 2015.

Outstanding Senior Leader– I was recognized as an Outstanding Senior Leader at UGA Spring Semester of 2015

Dawgs for Diabetes won a SOAR, Student Organizations Achievement and Recognition, Award for Most Innovative Initiative for The Campus Tour a Diabetes Perspective.

Dawgs for Diabetes represented CDN on CNN in January of 2015!

It’s On Us – Expect Respect” – University of Georgia, 2014

Dawgs for Diabetes helps children, supports Diabetes Awareness Month” article in the Athens Banner-Herald/Online Athens – November 2013

Talk of the Town. Local television episode talking about Dawgs for Diabetes. Spring 2013.

on The College Diabetes Network

Reposted on Diabetes Daily


Disclaimer- I do not have any kind of medical degree (science and math are not my thing). My views are also my own and do not reflect where I work or any groups I am involved in. This is not medical or psycho-social advice. Please consult your doctor. Everyone also has different stories. experiences, and views. Please respect those- including mine. -thanks!

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