Wait. Where did August Go??

I’m a little in disbelief right now. How is it already September 5? How did I just complete my 3rd week of classes, and better yet survive? How am I already into my senior of college with the real world right around the corner? I find myself asking is this real life?

Spoiler- I will not be going straight into law school- more on that to come- with my experience about getting ready so far- Law school is just delayed for now.

My schedule for the next 9 (well 8 now) months-

  • Monday- 8-4 Internship
  • Tuesday- 8-4 Internship
  • Wednesday- 9-3 Class
  • Thursday 12-4 Internship
  • Friday 9-1 Class

This does not include the meetings I have sporadically on Thursday mornings. Dawgs for Diabetes. CASA. Camp For a Cause (now that I can be more involved). A Social Life. DSAB. JDRF. CDN. Camp Kudzu things. etc etc.

What’s missing?

…………….a job. BUT- after being on constant freak out mode since I “lost” my job in July. I am now enjoying not having a job. For the first time in forever- I am not working (I include babysitting). Don’t get me wrong- I am still looking for a job, but I am no longer stressing. I am enjoying it. I forgot what a real weekend was, and it took a little adjustment. But I can devote times to other things- and you know I am just as busy as always.

Senior year with social work? It’s a little crazy. This has been an off week for me- procrastinating like no other. Time management I do okay with- but my workaholic in training tendencies are my problem. I also realized that everything I do has social work flavor to it- and without my job I’m not taking a legitimate mental break from everything. So I need to figure that out. The problem is I enjoy things social work related- so I’m in the right major.

I have senioritis- but THANKFULLY- I am in a wonderful placement for my internship- apparently the professor knew where I needed to be more than I even knew. So those 2.5 days a week will tide me over in my 2 full days of classes right? I’m registered for 17 hours of classes- 11 spent in class during the week and the other 6 for my 20 hour internship. But so far I really enjoy my internship- I also feel that I am going to learn SO much and gain so much experience from all sides of social work! I also really enjoy my International Social Work Class! So it gets me through. Sundays MUST be school work day- what I keep telling myself.

Dawgs for Diabetes? Well honestly- this is OUR year- I am so excited to see where my last year with D4D will take us. I am even getting comfortable with delegating (shocker).

Not knowing where I will be next year by spring semester is slightly scary for me honestly- I have always known what is next- but now with law school on hold- I am not sure. I am even toying with the idea of also getting my Masters in Nonprofit Management? Who knows- What I do know? I WILL be in a major city in the northeast.

I’m supposed to be studying right now- but I decided I needed to post so I could expand on law school soon- luckily my roommate is in a productive mindset- she encouraged me to come, and hopefully the productivity rubs off on me? We’ll see. Friday is a struggle- but with a coffee in my hand and a good atmosphere who knows what I’ll get done- I mean I finally cranked out a post right?


Blog posts to come

  • Why I love the DRC
  • Law School planning experience
  • What’s Next?
  • Diabetes Burnout
  • Why “adults” need camp

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!


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