Camp Twitch and Shout and Camp Kudzu Session 3.

so- I’m a little behind on writing this post- but that’s kind of the story of my life- I’m hoping when I get back to my schedule and get back on top of things- I’ll be better at this.

To say that I absolutely loved my experience at Camp Twitch and Shout would be such an understatement. From arriving for training to getting to know the amazing campers to even airport duty- everything was such a life changing adventure.  From the get go, I felt welcomed by everyone the moment I got there. There was a lot of similarities between Twitch and Shout and Kudzu, with a few differences as well.

I had no idea I would learn so much about Tourette’s Syndrome. I’ve also found a blog you should check out-

I realized I have a problem now- I feel in love with two more camps- so that’s 5+ weeks I need to figure out each summer- all I can do is try right?

and Camp Kudzu was amazing as per usual. I was glad to have an amazing group of campers and co-counselors. Our cabin was 100% Type 1- which has never happened to me before- the campers (of course), all three counselors (we were also all CIT’s), our CIT, and our clinician. (Our MCIT didn’t- but she’s been to camp forever). I still cry when we do the Diabetes lineup- over 983 years of Diabetes- I know we’ll be at 1000 soon. One volunteer will be at 50 years next year- we are all living and thriving with Diabetes.

My love for camp continues to grow- and honestly I like it better on the other side- even more than being a camper turned CIT turned counselor- I love watching children have AHA-moments, and grow through camp. I really want children to get what I got out of camp- a life changing experience, to not be the only one, to learn, to have an escape, and to have a family.





I’m really sorry this post is short. I really do have a lot to say- and I have a lot of feels about camp- but there’s a lot going on- classes are about to start- and I’m trying to get other things handled before schools starts. I’m also sorry for not editing it.

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!


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