A mixed bag of emotions.

As I always say- Sorry that I didn’t proofread- in a rush!

Sometimes I think I never know what I’m going to get out of each day- each hour even. It can go way to another- you never know what you’re gonna get- I feel the need to watch Forest Gump now.

These past almost two weeks pretty much have reflected the whole school year.

I’ll end this post on a good note then right? Here it goes. Once I reach my limit I tend to go into hermit mode- so I probably should have a written a post because writing makes me feel better- I did more fictional writing though. I tend to want to only read or binge watch movies/TV- and I become antisocial- which isn’t always for the best. I think I’ve reached a point of numbness though at this point. I didn’t really do much- I allowed myself to do nothing- which was incredibly hard for me but I am assuming well needed.

At the end of the summer I plan on doing a post about the past year to show all what happened- and it’s been a lot- good and some eh.

Because of circumstances out of my control, I am searching for a new job- which means I used my backpacking money I had saved so I could survive the summer- so backpacking is no longer a pretty sure thing- along with running the Disney Princess Half Marathon next winter or even the Ath-Half this fall- that stuff is expensive- I was already living paycheck to paycheck because no financial aid because no summer classes- and the aftermath of the flood was hitting me- so that’s all up in the air.

I will need to take the LSAT again because it is not the score that I want it to be and I am sure I can do better- that’s $160.

I had to leave the camp I was at because of circumstances last week,

I am having issues with my internet and TV company again.

and I mentioned I hadn’t been feeling well for months- I assumed that I would have had a prescription in my hand by May- I was wrong- Basically something is up for my thyroid- I haven’t been feeling completely myself- and it’s getting worse. Because the main thyroid numbers aren’t in sync and a few are out of range or almost out of range- they don’t want to do anything. They want to wait- well my new doctor does- my old doctors told me that I was just stressed out- I wasn’t getting my stressed out stomach aches till about hmmm LAST WEEK- and not feeling well has been going on since last fall- I was not even told my numbers were being watched…. The next doctor says well symptoms will probably get worse…… but we won’t do anything? The next doctor- my current one who won a lot of Diabetes related brownie points in my book- agrees that something is wrong- but she isn’t completely sure…… My antibodies are THROUGH the roof…. So hopefully August I will answers and a prescription- I somewhat understand the need to wait and make sure they know what’s wrong…. but at the same time- I really don’t feel well. (once we figure out what is going on for sure- I will post my symptoms and what the plan of action is). So on that note- I don’t want to take or study for LSAT if I’m still sick- again.

Then a few other things here and there popped up. So I went a little numb- went into TV mode. I’m pretty sure I will stay numb until things can be in my control- and right now they aren’t.

But I’m so lucky to have the people in my life. They’ve allowed me to be in a crappy mood and have been there to listen. They’ve been there to cheer me up.

Another bump in the road right? We’ll see what happens next.

None of this in no way cancels out the three weeks of camp I was at- or the little things i always keep in mind. I may have to reevaluate my plans for the future- not get rid of them just adjust them.

I already have two tentative interview for a job this fall. Fingers crossed. I’ve made plans for best and worst case scenarios- I like to have it all planned out.

I’m getting to watch some people I’ve known for most of my life start a journey with their colleges and the College Diabetes Network- which makes me BEYOND excited. I made announcements at camp about CDN and D4D- and I had no idea HOW receptive people would really be. So new chapters will be starting- and my dream is to make sure there are chapters at all SEC schools before I graduate- so let the contacting begin.

Even though my LSAT score wasn’t what I wanted, I’ve been getting courted by A LOT of law schools- not my top choices- but some of them are up there- some of them are Tier 2 and I even got an email from a Tier 1- offering me money to attend or have the application fee waived- so I take that as a good sign. It’s at least up there- not my standards but it’s enough for a lot of places- which is honestly a little flattering to me. The schools only have my area of interest, school I go to, major/minor, GPA, and LSAT- that doesn’t even include my accomplishments and resumes so….. who knows right? Someone told me I was too hard on myself- which I can be- I’m biggest critic- but I also know what I need to do to get where I want to be.

After a pump vacation from my two favorite spots for about four months- I have gone back to my favorite spot! SUCCESSFULLY- It didn’t kink. It didn’t bend. It didn’t bleed automatically. and it’s working well! Finally- missed those spots oh so much!

I have a new endo appt August 1- and I’m told I will love her.

I leave for camp again tomorrow- and I am so excited.

So we’ll see what’s next. Soon starts my last year of my undergraduate career- and as I’m told I never have a normal day- and usually I love it and I love to not be normal- but occasionally- it’s not so fun- which is a completely acceptable way to feel.

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!


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