Getting Back in Shape with Diabetes

Getting Back in Shape with Diabetes

Well hello there!

Yes- yes- hello! And yes- I know what you’re thinking- long time no talk write!

It has been- well- it’s been a whirlwind of a few months- a lot of ups and downs. I had quite a bit of personal things come up as well as health issues (related to… you guessed- DING DING DING- my period… plus basically got sick the first week of each month). I decided to take a HUGE step back on a lot to take care of me. I’m still playing catch-up (kind of). I’m behind on some things- more my internal deadlines- such as my book (still happening though!). But be on the lookout for exciting things- there’s been a lot of positive changes in the works!


IMG_8888.JPGBoston running views when the weather is nice!



But this isn’t an update post per se. It’s about getting back in shape with diabetes. With all of the PCOS and endometriosis flare-ups… which lead to yeast infections and getting sick at the start of each month… I’ve had to do a lot of getting back into shape- which with diabetes- can be an adventure!

It took me a few stumbles, but I had to push myself to not push myself too hard when getting back into shape. (ALSO- It’s okay to increase your insulin needs. NOT a sign of failure.)

All of my “sicknesses” have involved the chest up- serious congestion and coughs- and the likes- which for the most part impacted running. There’s mixed opinions on running while sick. For me with my allergies and asthma, if I’m not able to actually breathe through my nose, all bets are off.

I also always get the after gunk too- sooooo attractive.

So- basically I’d get sick, be out of commission entirely for a day or two, but not be able to work out for typically a week due to the sickness- I’m a firm believer in take your sick days at least at the worst of it/beginning. PLUS- the week before I’d struggle with motivation due to my period.


So a few things would happen-

I’d need to increase my insulin because I was sick and because I’m wasn’t working out. WHICH IS OKAY! Thank goodness for Tandem’s patterns! I have my weekday, weekend, and “sick” patterns.

A week off doesn’t derail you exactly, but that first workout or two back- I would push myself way too hard. I’d still have the gunk so I wasn’t breathing as well and would need to pause to blow my nose or clear my throat. But then I’d also want to get back to my pace and length of a run before I had been sick- which isn’t impossible or a bad thing- but not the best idea. The right mindset and reminders.

I’d do a shorter and slower first run back and then see how I was feeling for my second workout for weights and a run.

With my first run back, I don’t need to cut back on basal rates as much because I tend to go higher- as if I’m sprinting or lifting weights. But after my workout, I would need to cut back more than usual because I would drop more than usual when runs were part of my routine.

I’d look at my CGM a little more than I like to during the first workouts back. (I’ve found if I’m working out and look at it too much- I make too many changes that aren’t beneficial). My relationship can still be a tad complicated with it. 

I was also tracking my workouts- too much- if I wasn’t up to it or in the mindset of doing better than the previous workout, i’d have no motivation and not want to even workout or finish. I’ll only track for half-marathons- and right now with the flare-ups, that can’t happen for a while. So no tracking and not being so internally competitive!

For me, I had to remember that the lows would hit a day or two later so I’d switch patterns the second day.

If I push myself too hard, I could have a breakthrough bleed which would always turn into a flare-up and then issues all over again.


Don’t push yourself too hard all of the time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I always need these reminders. Things that don’t just apply to working out and getting back into shape. When I’m sick (or just life in general), I feel guilty about not doing as much. Then it can take me a few days to get back into routine, but I’m still overdoing.

Just gotta remember to ease back into it all the first few days (or runs)- easier said than done- but getting easier! Don’t overdo it. Don’t always push too hard. Be kind to yourself. Know your limits. ALL that jazz!


Which can all be okay!

As I sit here still sniffling a bit- wondering if it’s allergies or the still cold temps up here in New England. When will it be truly spring? When will the temps stop swinging so much (doesn’t help at all with me getting sick).

And feeling a tad sore post recent workouts after being sick. But I love my runs!


Hopefully I won’t need to get back into shape for a while- I’ll just be in shape. 




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