It’s Complicated: with My CGM, revisited.

I first went on a CGM in the age of glucowatch, and then gave it a VERY brief try my junior year of college. Quickly giving it up. Then about a year ago, I went on a CGM and kept going. As many know, this was an adventure for everyone involved.


So, over the summer I wrote a post about having a CGM, “It’s Complicated: with my CGM.

and OH MY-I have come a long way! Some things that have changed:

  • Overall, I don’t check my blog sugar quite as much if I’m above target. AKA- not every 20 minutes on my meter and constantly looking at the CGM- Speaking of…
  • I got to a point where I could place my CGM in the other room. So if I’m running higher. I can put it in another room and ignore it until it’s time to check.
  • I enjoy personalizing the CGM. 🙂
  • My anxiety related to Diabetes and blood sugars is continuing to improve.
  • I enjoy being able to catch patterns and see what’s happening during the night.
  • It’s SO helpful for exercising.
  • I make sure to take a several day break between sites since  I leave it in for quite a long time.


At one point I had gotten to over about 16 different basal rates (not including ratios or correction facts). I was told this was WAY to much. At one point my endo made a goal for me to not have as many. Well, it took me over a year, but I have gotten it down to 6. 🙂 I struggle with wanting to add more or make changes all of the time.


I do have to say that the marks left from a CGM are the most “self-concious” I’ve felt about marks left behind by Diabetes. Well besides the brief stint in middle school where I was self-concious about the spots on my fingers- which quickly went away.

I’m still not a huge fan of having a second thing attached.

Using it in my leg wasn’t working once the weather got colder. I took a risk and put it in my stomach- my stomach reacted… I’m still on the hunt for a spot that works and stays.


My A1c is still hanging around the same spots, and I still dislike the assumption regarding perfectionism with it.

and oh yeah- there was that several month stint of no CGM when I lost the receiver at the airpot…. oops?


I will still not be doing share or sending anything to my iphone or pump any time soon. I do not feel ready for this. At all. I still need to work on the anxieties associated with it- I think it would be harder to not look at the data all the time.

I do think my relationship with my CGM is still complicated though. But a little less complicated? and I’m glad that I’m using different management tools at my disposal. I’m glad that someone convinced me to give it another shot. I’m glad that life gives you room to change your mind too.




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