Impact of Being Back in a Better Place

Impact of Being Back in a Better Place


We talk about life changes in general and somewhat touch on the impact on them with diabetes. We’re reminded that stress can make you more insulin resistant.

I try to remember this when it comes to my diabetes management. I always seem to forget the impact of being back in a better place on my diabetes.

For a while, I wasn’t in the best place. I was in burnout and had a lot going on. I’m probably downplaying the length of time… but we will just go with a while.

I knew I was getting back into a better place the past month, but once the Kickstarter was over, I had the right meds, and I was getting settled in, that’s when it really hit. It went over my head that this would show in my management. I know it’s a thing. I am aware. But I don’t usually realize the extent of it until the moment it’s really hitting me. Of course, my blood sugars started running low. I was less resistant to insulin, and I was getting back into my routines and a healthy routine.

I’m still in the middle of guess and check as I continue to get settled in and adjust (happily) to being in a better place and being back home at my new job. I’ve been lowering my basals, ratios, and correction factors (slowly) to get where I need to be. Diabetes is a lot of math and a lot of guestimating.

It really is incredible to know how everything impacts each other. It’s also a nice reminder to see the data and confirm that I am in a better place. I wish and hope we see more people talk about this kind of impact on diabetes- I know I need to celebrate the things like this more- because it’s for my diabetes and my mental health. 


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3 thoughts on “Impact of Being Back in a Better Place

  1. I am 48 years old diagnosed type 1 at 19 years old – it will be 30 years in April that I have had diabetes – I have hated it everyday since my diagnosis -what is your mental illness – I imagine the feeling of depression and feeling defeated is quite normal w a chronic illness as is the exhaustayion of trying to ” lift” yourself up as you try to ” push through” and “stay positive” and “keep going” -I don’t know you and literally only read a few sentences of something you wrote -but you go!! I am very proud of you! You are awesome!!!

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