I have T1D and PCOS (and it’s no secret) BUT- I LOVE carbs!

I don’t think this will be a shock to anyone- BUT I LOVE CARBSSSSS! and maybe- I’m not supposed to admit it out loud- officially- but it’s true. I love carbs. (shhhh- don’t tell anyone- even though it’s not a secret)


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like Phyllis from “Confessions of a Type 1 Diabetic with a Dash of CeliacConfessions of a Type 1 Diabetic with a Dash of Celiac“says: (and this isn’t about the popcorn- but I love popcorn too). But agreed-

“Carbs are not my enemy.  Food is not my enemy.  Diabetes is my enemy. My personality has always been that if I really want something, I will figure out how to do it.  My relationship with food is the same way.”  -Phyllis

Please note: That everyone is different. We all choose different methods of management that work for us at various points in our lives. “Your diabetes may vary,” right? I also know plenty of people who do variations of low carb diets (for diabetes and not for diabetes), and they love it- and it works for them- so GO THEM! So I’m not saying anything against it or the people- but I need to back myself up. My “please note: that everyone is different” is why I’m writing this post about my love of carbs- sometimes I get not so great responses about my love of carbs– so here it is- so I don’t have to keep defending myself (I mean… I don’t have to- but I do). Plus- there isn’t enough appreciation for carbs all the time!

Also- disclaimer! I’m not a medical professional- talk to your doctor first, please!

So- a few years back- or just with growing up- I noticed more talk about “low carb” for T1D.

I didn’t even consider it an option for myself- I love carbs- also- I know myself- moderation is what I need. Denying or seriously restricting myself to something- usually means a binge or being irritated. Growing up as a kid- it meant sneaking whatever I was denied or restricted. (sorry parents! but hey- I turned out okay). 

So it didn’t cross my mind to do it- I did notice some people doing it around me for the diabetes- and I just saw it as another method of management- basically doing what works for you.

But then- some people doing low carb- well- they got a little more vocal. and with how I am- I sometimes get into the “I’ll just be louder” (as we know- not always the way to go) mindset.

But sometimes I feel cornered and judged (yay for the internet?). So sometimes- my “I’ll be louder” comes into play. I’m not into sharing my a1c or insulin totals- but if someone won’t back off- I do. and now with the PCOS- the low carb push happens more often.

For some people- it’s a discussion- which I thoroughly enjoy!

Because low carb… it’s not for me-

and here’s why:

  • Obviously- I love carbs. The end. That should be all of the list- but I’ll continue.
  • I’m for moderation- so I’m not saying to have a ba-jillion carbs every time you eat. I’m for mixing and matching- and doing what works for you. Salads- yes I eat those. But I eat a bagel at breakfast. It’s just- what my body prefers- heavier breakfast, lighter lunch (usually), then… who knows what’ll happen after that. Balance with carbs is what I need.
  • I just can’t do it. I know myself.
  • If I’m making it- I opt to attempt healthy (unless I’m really not feeling it- usually that is tied to my period). I get some things organic- and opt for less chemicals/processed ingredients and such. I usually go for whole wheat (But I don’t like sweat potatoes- I know, I know). Now- going out to eat- that’s another story.
  • If my BG is high- I’ll probably not be in the mood anyways- so I wait to come down- or something with less carbs.
  • I feel satisfaction when I get the carb count right on some of my favorite foods/food types (pizza, chinese, desserts, etc). I will not be scared of them- I will learn from them! YAY FOR EXTENDED BOLUS!!!!!! 
  • My motivation for working out? and I know the world says it shouldn’t be- it’s carbs- specifically craft beer.
  • Mac and cheese is my favorite food (yes- I am lactose intolerant- but yay for lactaid!)
  • If I have something really important going on or other things- I’ll be more careful about the carbs I’m eating- usually less or making sure it’s foods I know well for the carb counts.
  • It’s what works for me.
  • Treat yourself! Well- treat myself!
  • oh- and did I mention… I love carbs. 

But honestly- for me- it’s that I love carbs. I love food- and I enjoy running and opting to walk most of the time for my commute/transport anywhere. I’ll live and learn from my reactions and continue to be grateful for extended bolus! 

So there it is- it’s what works for me- and I’m going to stick to it- and defend my choices for what I prefer. and you can stick to yours too- whatever it might be. 🙂

and to my friends who eat low carb- I’ll gladly help you out when we go out to eat. 😉



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