Unicorn Lamps, Chronic Illness, and Nightstands

A few weeks ago, someone reached out to me about submitting a photo and information about my nightstand. Her name is Emma Jones!

Wait… what?

Yes- that’s correct folks! Submit a photo of my nightstand. 

But- there’s a reason! It’s pretty fantastic! 

What’s on your nightstand? If you live with a chronic illness, your nightstand might look something like one of the photos featured in Washington-based documentary producer Emma Jones’ “The Nightstand Collective.”” – The Mighty

and you know- as I started to think about it- yes- my nightstand does give a look into my chronic illnesses. How they’ve evolved. How I’ve grown up. (If only I had captured images of all of those). But I remember some key points and changes as well as some things that have always stayed with each nightstand.

Chronic illnesses make appearances in our lives in many ways. They impact our lives in many ways. Maybe we’ve become used to it and only others notice. Maybe we ignore it (that’s my go to). Maybe it’s noticeable just some of the time. Maybe it’s background noise. That includes things- like your nightstand.

Okay- so I didn’t reveal all of the information- submit a photo of your nightstand to give a look into chronic illnesses. That’s pretty cool. A unique way to raise awareness and to learn from others- I also love how collaborative this is! and about chronic illness as a whole! If it isn’t obvious right now, I’m a fan!

So- if you’d like to check out my nightstand (spoiler alert- my unicorn lamp makes a star-studded performance), without further ado- you can check out my submission.


You can see other nightstands to learn more about other people/chronic illnesses. If you’re interested in submitting your nightstand, you can do so here!



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