#thelittlethings in Diabetes

So with everything that’s been going on- specifically Diabetes related- and now that things have calmed down….

I wanted to take a moment and appreciate the little things related to Diabetes- which I’m a huge fan of- and they add up!

So- Here’s to the little things (and maybe the not so little things). 🙂

  • When it’s pumpsite and CGM site change day… and you let yourself enjoy not being attached to anything for a few moments. AND if you’re like me, you get a shower or bath in too. I’m free as a bird now?
  • When you see a sign of Diabetes in the wild; a rogue test strip, an insulin pump, Diabetes stickers, etc.


  • When you find a catchy song that relates to your current blood sugar– my personal favorites are “She’s so High” and “Low” (apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur).
  • When you check your blood sugar, and it’s in sync with your CGM.
  • Accessorizing, personalizing, and snazz-ing up your Diabetes swag and gear.
  • When you are on the phone with a supply company or pharmacy, and they acknolwedge that you are a person first and treat you that way. 
  • When you can text or call someone who gets it. 
  • Diabetes pick up lines. 
  • Finishing an insulin pen and it lines up perfectly with your last dosage.
  • When you “prick” your finger and the blood is the perfect amount for the test strip.
  • When the media actually gets it right. 
  • D-Hacks.
  • Knowing you got the carb count right when you guesstimate.
  • When you start your run in the lower 100’s and finish in the lower 100’s.
  • Treating yourself to a low snack that hits the spot. 
  • When your endo shows you how to “shuffle on ice and snow correctly.”
  • When your insulin pump actually goes with your outfit.
  • When Diabetes cooperates when you need it too.
  • The feeling after your blood sugars settle after a BG roller coaster.
  • When you look at your CGM and call it a BG Roller coaster. 
  • Saying “I’m high” in public and watching for reactions.
  • When you mention Diabetes and someone actually knows about it or has a real connection. 

It’s really all about the little things. 🙂

Hey you! Yes, you! 

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We’ll both be glad you did! -Mindy

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