Dexcom G6: Preparing to Take the Plunge

I’ve held out for as long as I can. Grasping onto my G4. But that’s how I roll on some things. I held out for a long time to even try a CGM after my experience as a kid with the gluco-watch.

Now I’m getting ready for the Dexcom G6.

g6 prep

It’s not that I’m against adopting new things or that I am one of the first. It varies for me. There isn’t necessarily a pattern to the inconsistencies- I mean I have ADHD- that probably plays a role.

Well- my anxiety and OCD definitely play a huge role in how I go about checking my BG. My relationship with my CGM is complicated– however it has improved. I gave a CGM a shot in 2013, but nixed it. I started on the G4 at the end of 2014 and have gone from there. 

Let’s just say, it was an experience. I had to do a lot of work and spend time adjusting to it. But overall I appreciate it now or at least for specific reasons.

I refused to switch to a version of the CGM that connected to my phone or to my pump. I knew I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t want to be connected via my pump or my phone. The G4 or the G5. It didn’t feel worth it for me- not to mention I love the battery life of the G4 transmitter. Each one has lasted me over a year (besides the one I lost….). My healthcare providers have agreed with me- the rest of the world- not so much. Some people understand the mental health aspect (or other reasons I’ve stuck with the G4), but often… I still get questioned. That has never deterred me though!

Then I started hearing the murmurs of the G6.

Those changes and the smaller battery life felt worth it for what I’d be getting. I needed to start getting ready.

But. I still wanted to hold onto my G4.

Yes. I know. I know. But still. I love my G4. I wanted to get it again. I wasn’t exactly told no- but I was told it would get more and more difficult for me to get and have support for the G4. Eventually it wouldn’t be around at all. 

I decided that this summer was the right time for me to take the plunge and go for the G6. Why?

  • My insurance has been a little all over the place because of life circumstances (and I’m consulting), but right now it’s all settled.
  • I’m in a good head space- do I really want to explore the G6 if I’m stressed or going through something.
  • I’ve now been a fly on the wall for people using the G6- so I’ve seen their thoughts on it, heard their experiences, and know what they don’t love about it.
  • I’m towards the end of my sensor supplies.
  • I’m taking a pump break and already took a mini CGM break.


I got the low battery on my transmitter.

So I made the calls. Got the approval. Have seen shock that I’m jumping into this. It’s on its way.


I need to be ready to reorder the transmitter. I’m not excited about the new receiver at all so this will push me towards using it on my phone- which is about to an entirely new world for me. 

I’m excited about the insertion, the size of the transmitter, the length to wear it, and more.

Plus I’ll be due for a new pump and will then have the t:slim X2 and maybe- just maybe I MIGHT be ready for the basal IQ- hell- maybe that will even help with my period issues? We shall see. 

Here goes nothing!

Stay tuned for how it all goes! Here and on social media. 


Dexcom G6: Preparing to Take the Plunge



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