Depo Shot Week 1: Take that PCOS & Endometriosis- I hope?

Hi! Long time no blog! And even though I’ve said before- hopefully this changes. Don’t want to spoil it for you, but I think it is actually the case. Health first, right? I have other posts some newer and some have been on my list for ages in the pipeline- some drafts, some notes to myself in my phone and in my BuJo, emails to myself, etc. etc.

About three weeks ago, my OBGYN and I decided to go with Depo-Provera shot (more on that in this post). It’s been about three weeks since I got the shot. So I’m tracking and jotting it all down it week by week. As things hopefully “slow down”, I might not have as many posts. Of course, with many of my posts… it’s because I couldn’t really find enough information. So here I am.

But. Everyone is different. Not everything works the same for everyone. This is especially SO TRUE WITH BIRTH CONTROL

So. Here’s my experience on the Depo shot so far for the first week (week two and week three will follow closely after this one) as well as kind of a life update- but relates to the depo shot.

I found an OBGYN I really liked. We had a good start- she listened and didn’t tell me I’d change my mind about kids- etc.

So good start. We had a few appointments and a few missteps in my book. But becaause I liked her and she listened- I gave it a shot.

We tried another birth control. We tried clearing out my system. Surprise… surprise.. It didn’t work.

So at my latest appointment- I was like I’m done. I want surgery- to the poor med student probably just wide eyed until she met me- maybe I helped break her in?

You see. With my searches and talking to people- I do realize there isn’t enough information on periods in general but especially PCOS and endometriosis. So my go to statement has been surgery. In our first appointment, we had talked about other possibilities- which I had gently researched. The internet- when it comes to health can be scary. When it comes to how people react to birth control- you only see the extremes and worst case scenarios- so I avoid chatrooms or even blogs and try to stick to the facts on respected medical sites, people in my life, my care team, and most importantly- my gut.

My doctor doesn’t really want to do surgery for a few reasons- including diabetes. Which I understand. Risks of not being able to detect cancer in the future. The healing part of it all. And what really sold it for me- most surgies will either treat/possibly fix one or the other- either PCOS or endometriosis. The times that would do both? A VERY major surgery- basically combining a few. Okay. I hear you.

So we decided to focus on the hormones or the bleeding itself. What is causing the most distress and greatest negative impact on quality of life.

She also said I kind of have to pick between PCOS and endometriosis to treat still. But this is for getting started. Once we have more answers and the worst is better or not quite as bad, we can move onto the other things- well I say we- sadly she won’t be involved- but she gave me some recommendations (quietly)- I could also travel to her new practice- however that no car life makes it a little more difficult… we shall see after I research providers and think about it.

I said what my three priorities were:

  1. Blood sugar rollercoasters with almost no explanation or pattern I can work with
  2. Extreme insomnia
  3. Debilitating anxiety and other mental health impacts

Sure. I don’t like the excess hair growth, the acne, the pain, etc. But I can deal with it. I can prep for some of it if I have a warning. But when those three issues come to play- and always at the same time. I cannot function. I really can’t. I can barely “power through”. Maybe one or two but not all three (plus everything else).

I don’t care if I have a period. I don’t care if I spot. As long as those three things aren’t so involved. I have my mooncup. I can prepare if I know. Or power through some things not so intense. The bleeding itself doesn’t bother me. I’m not ashamed of talking about it. I do however need to function.

For this initial round/experiment, I had two options (of course more- but these were the big ticket options for this).

  • An IUD for the period- the actual bleeding part of the cycle- not the cycle/hormones
  • The depo shot– to target the ENTIRE cycle/hormones- but not the bleeding.

She said I could look into it more before I decided, but at my first appointment with her- she mentioned many of the different possibilities which I had researched after the appointment. So what she mentioned wasn’t new information to me.

The idea of the IUD? Has never really excited me. I would most likely still need hormones or other medications because of the focus on the bleeding and not the hormones/cycles itself. I’ve also heard some horror stories from people in my life (NOT THE INTERNET) when it came period issues but especially period issues and diabetes. I know some people in general and with diabetes who absolutely LOVE it. Good for them- no really not sarcasm- you find what works and you hold onto it with all of your life baby! Also… the idea of trying this with the insertion process and it not working or I hate it… eek.

My other possible option to start with was the depo shot to focus on the hormones. She was upfront. People usually either love it or hate it. If I didn’t like it, I would be stuck with it for three months. She mentioned what I might hear about with the news or people talking about a lot of weight gain.

Frankly, I didn’t even need to think about it. I told her I wanted the depo shot- and I wanted it today.

So once I said, I want the depo shot, we talked about other things that might happen and everything in between.

So, right after that, I got my shot and scheduled an appointment for three months later for the next shot.

I really want this to be the case- that this works. That it’s the hormones and the cycle. I’m trying not to have the placebo color my observations. I will try not to let my hope take over.

But I will still hope. I will. I am tired of this crap. I am over it. I don’t want to constantly be running at not my optimal and total levels. I want to be at 100% to start with- not something lower on a daily basis.

That day, I also decided to hold off on updating to control-IQ with my t:slim. It had become available the weekend before. I had started the process.

But- my BGs are a major indicator for how things are going with me- especially when I make life changes- especially when it comes to the PCOS and endometriosis. I kept basal-iq on, but I wanted to see what was happening. I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed when things were chaotic because my patterns were even more chaotic. So either a month into the depo shot or three or who knows- I update. I was FULLY intending on not waiting it out like I always do with healthcare and technology (I do this when they are separate as well). But. I gotta listen to my gut. I’ll jump into it soon. I will. Once I know where I am at with this. One thing at a time.

So? A week into. Feeling good. Yes- it is early. I know.

But with not taking the pill- I’m not having my morning stomach issues. For a few reasons, I took my pill in the AM. But it messed with my stomach a little bit- especially if I took it on an empty stomach or not long enough after being awake/eating.

Also- one less pill to take. One less scare if I forget to take it in general or on time.

I’m not having any negative reactions so far.

I’m feeling more “with it”. More hopeful.

My blood sugars seem to be a little lower- but we will see.

I did have my period 4 days after the shot. But. No issues related to my three main priorities. I did have some breakouts though. I did spike the day before it started- like usual. But I didn’t have an extreme roller coaster after that.

Screenshot of blood sugar graph with 353 on it.

I did however, start running lower. Little by little.

Photo of t:slim pump with insulin suspended from Basal IQ.

Depo Shot Week 1: Take that PCOS and Endometriosis- I hope?

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2 thoughts on “Depo Shot Week 1: Take that PCOS & Endometriosis- I hope?

  1. What surgery were you considering? P.S. I found your blog by searching “depo provera” just in case you were wondering.

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