FUNDED! Updates 6-12 on the Crowdfunding Campaign for my Book!

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I am so excited and so appreciative! Because-

FUNDED! Updates 6-12 on the Crowdfunding Campaign for my Book! 

You can check out the blog post I wrote for Updates 1-5! I’ve included the rest of the updates so far!
If you haven’t heard—-
I’m self-publishing an honest book about growing up with chronic illness and mental health. I wrote the content before rose colored glasses impacted my experiences too much. To help this book get published, you can visit the crowdfunding page to learn more, back my project, and help spread the word. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and this blog, There’s More to the Story”.


Update 6: Backer only update

Update 7: Why Self-Publish?

Happy Hump Day!

So as of this moment we are at 72 backers! Over $3,000 has been pledged to get this book published! WOAH. We are over halfway there and well on our way to reaching the goal for week two. We have stalled a little bit the past two days, but what counts is reaching the weekly goals! We are $644 away from doing that this week- that’s about 33 books!

Why self-publish?

Honestly, I still ask myself that every now and then…. but I think that has more to do with self-confidence when I ask that.

I was dead set against it until last winter. More and more people I was talking to and asking for advice mentioned it- people who’ve already written books- some have gone both directions or tried both. Then I started looking more into and considering it. I was only thinking about the fact that I did not have the money sitting in my bank account for this.

What I learned from research and talking to people who’ve written books:

  • Publishing doesn’t guarantee the book in bookstores anymore. Well that was one of my main reasons…
  • The book is pretty specific which might impact a lot of factors. Especially- the amount of marketing and outreach I would need to- maybe I could channel it somewhere else.
  • I get more control.
  • I get to make sure it happens.
  • Planning is key. Well I can do that!
  • I get to pull from the people in my life (the people who’ve always supported me) into the mix- for editing, design, etc. I’d rather pay them/hopefully build resumes than go to someone I don’t know. I’d also rather keep it local and small business if my friends aren’t able to fill a specific thing.
  • Someone mentioned crowdfunding, and I hadn’t even thought about it at all….

After months of pros and cons list and thinking about it…. I decided to self-publish.

Well since I am, I want to do it right- with proper editing, etc. All of the works. Just because I’m not going through a publisher doesn’t mean I cannot do it the right way- and that’s how I roll anyways- do things to the best of my ability.

And I have been asked about e-books. Just as much goes into the creation of e-books besides the cost of printing and shipping, and I prefer physical books- soooo I wanted to go with a physical book first. E-books are definitely on the horizon- but it will be a while on my end for that.

Again, thanks to everyone’s support so far! And please help spread the word about this book and the Kickstarter (including reaching out to specific people in your life- people you think might be interested and able to back this project!) We’re getting so close- less than $2,000 to go!


Update 8: You Can Help with a Direct Ask!

Hi Everyone! It’s ALMOST the weekend!

Again- I’d like to share my thanks to all of the people supporting this crowdfunding campaign. At this moment, there are 78 backers, and we are at $3,646 in pledges- we are only $104  away from meeting the weekly goal to hit 75%! WOAH.


We are are only $1,354 away from reaching the entire Kickstarter goal to get this book published!

We’re approaching the last week in a wonderful place!

That’s incredible and mind-blowing to me! I really cannot thank everyone enough for all of their help and support to make this happen! It truly means the world to me!

I have an ask in this update- an ask that I’ll be taking directly to people in my life as well.

The most successful efforts for this crowdfunding campaign have come from direct asks- WOW!

SO- This is my ask for you-

Please spread the word in general of course like you have been-

But if you could reach out to a few people in your life directly regarding the book and the crowdfunding efforts, that would make a huge difference!

Even if you just ask one or five or more (if you’re feeling like you need a study break or a distraction)- but in the end whatever works for you! Tell them about the book and the Kickstarter, and why you’re spreading the word about it/backing the project. Reach out to the people you think might have an interest!

Interested in how that might make a difference? Luckily, Deborah, one of the first backers of this project, has done direct asks AND said it was okay for me to share this example with you!

She sent a few messages and group messages about the book to people in her life that she thought would be interested. Within 20 minutes of her reaching out to people, there was about $120 in pledges! (Who knows what the implications over the next few days will be!)

Some people knew about the book and it reminded them to make a pledge- some people didn’t know about it and now they do!

See the impact that can happen- even with just one person? Now- think about the power of many!

  • If all 78 backers reach out to people and each bring in one person, it could range from $390 to $1560 (and that’s just pledges from $5 to $20!). That also means there would be around 156 backers, and we would be at the goal!
  • If all 78 backers reach out to people and each bring in two people, it could range from $780 to $3,120 (and again- that’s just pledges from $5 to $20!). That also means there would be around 234 backers! If something like this happened, that would gets us thinking about the reach goals and of course more books in general plus more books to donate to camps!

I could go on with numbers and scenarios, but I think you see the impact and how powerful it could be!

This would help so much to reach the goal! It would also mean that more people are hearing about the book as well.

So needless to say, I’ll be reaching out to people in my life- again- specifically to ask them to share it with a few people they think would be interested in backing the project to make this book happen!


Update 9: One Week Left!


Hi Everyone! Happy Monday!

I hope y’all had a splendid weekend. I sure did- one of my best friends was visiting me in San Francisco, and I took a little bit of break from this Kickstarter and social media while she was here- which was VERY much needed. Now I’m ready to tackle this homestretch!

With this being the last week of the Kickstarter, I won’t be doing any backers’ only updates- sorry everyone- but they will pick back up after this Kickstarter has hopefully reached its goal. I’ll also post an update each day until the end of the Kickstarter. It will include where we are, the daily goal- and more! Hopefully I can post a “FUNDED!” update soon.

So today’s update-

We are now at one more week until the Kickstarter is over.

I cannot believe it’s been a month already.

At this moment we are at 93 backers and $4,286 in pledges! (Basically only $714 away from reaching the entire goal of $5,000- which is about 36 books.)

Daily Goals:

I’ll be setting daily goals that are higher than what is needed to get us to crowdfunding goal. Aim high, right? (and if we don’t quite meet them, that’s okay.)

Today’s goal for Monday, September 18th: $250 in new pledges and go over 100 backers!

Why $250? That gets us on track to the reach goals. The main focus of my reach goals? To be able to donate books to camps.

How do we get there?

Don’t forget about those direct asks!

$250 would be about:

  • 50- $5 pledges for a shout out thank you
  • 13- $20 pledge for a book
  • 10- $25 pledges for a book (earlier)- don’t miss out! It’s a limited pledge- with 5 left!
  • 9- $30 pledges for a signed book
  • 8- $35 pledges for a book and a sticker
  • 7- $40 pledges for a book and a Tabs2Go Case
  • 7- $40 pledges for a book for you and a book to donate
  • 5- $50 pledges for a book with a personalized message- don’t miss out! It’s a limited pledge- with 17 left!
  • 5- $50 pledges for a book, sticker, and a case- don’t miss out! It’s a limited pledge- with 7 left!

We’re working our way to get this book published and to today’s daily goal!


Update 10: 6 Days Left!

Hello Everyone!

WOW. I woke up this morning to find that we were less than $500 away from the crowdfunding goal to get this book funded! Thanks everyone! Please keep spreading the word!

I shared my thoughts on getting to the point of reaching my goal regarding content and then thinking about this Kickstarter in my latest blog!

Thanks to Kerri from “Six Until Me” for helping to spread the word and for backing the project!

Today’s goal for Tuesday, September 19th:

Again- $250 in new pledges and go over 100 backers (SO close to over 100 backers).

How do we get there? Don’t forget about those direct asks!

Don’t miss out on these limited pledges before they’re gone!

  • $25 pledges for a book (earlier)- 5 left!
  • $35 pledges for a signed copy of the book (earlier)- 4 left!
  • $80 pledges for a personalized book, sticker, and a case- 3 left!
  • $350 pledges for a shoutout in the book and a sticker- 3 left!
  • $375 pledges for a shoutout in the book and a case- 3 left!
  • $400 pledges for a shoutout in the book, a case, and a sticker- 2 left!

We are SO close!

Update 11: Now Over 100 Backers!

Hello hello!

Happy Wednesday to everyone reading- maybe you’re a backer- maybe you’re thinking about backing- maybe you’re following along- regardless of who you are- we’ve made it to hump day. We are $279 away (14 books) from reaching the crowdfunding goal with five days left- we got this!

Be sure to check out the “Just Talking Podcast.” Thanks for having me to help spread the word about the book!

Thank you for reading and for stopping by! Thank you for all of the support!

Special thanks of course to all of the people supporting this project- everyone spreading the wording and all of the backers! THANK YOU! All of this support means the world to me- (and I have a post planned and started drafting for once we hit the goal which goes more into my emotions- fingers crossed that is today!)

Yesterday we FLEW through the daily goals! We went over 100 backers AND went above and beyond the $250 goal- enough so that it “retroactively” helped meet Monday’s goal! I was amazed, grateful, inspired, and of course excited!

Please keep spreading the word!

That is what is happening right now- all of YOU spreading the word- via word of mouth- the conversations in person, over the phone, via texts, on email, on social media, maybe even carrier pigeon? It’s all of the direct asks that are happening! Reaching out directly to people you think might be interested (or your entire contact list- who knows?) is making a world of difference- so thank you! The direct ask has been the most successful tool for spreading the word and to help reach this goal- please consider sending a direct ask or so to people in your life?

Today’s goal for Wednesday, September 20th:

Work towards 125 backers!

$300 in new pledges! Which would mean we will officially have this project funded!

  • $300 is just 15- $20 pledges to get the book!
  • or $300 is 6- $50 pledges to get the book, a Tabs2Go Case, and a sticker!
  • or $300 can be ONE pledge to get a shout out in the book itself!

Don’t miss out on some of the limited pledges- they’re being claimed!

We are SO incredibly close! Thank you!!


Update 12: FUNDED!

Hi Rockstars! ❤

I can count on my hands the number of truly emotional posts I’ve written (these updates and my blog). I’m talking where I have to take a moment to pull myself together. This is definitely one of them.

Thanks to all of you…

  • I had to update the images for the Kickstarter.
  • I had to write this specific update.
  •  I’ve been feeling so much support flowing my way- I’ve had all of the emotions- awestruck, excited, appreciative, humbled, (and of course a little nervous).
  • The realization that “woah- this is really happening” has been hitting me.
  •  I can think about beyond this goal.
  •  I can celebrate and take a much needed (brief) social media break soon.
  • My dream of being an author is now within reach.

… because this project is FUNDED and this book WILL be PUBLISHED!

I know I’ve been saying thank you and sharing how much the support means to me. I will keep saying it too.

I have always wanted to be an author- ever since I can remember- but I have also struggled with self-confidence and believing in myself ever since I can remember too. There were moments that could be debilitating. I’ve come a long way- and I can see how far I’ve become because there would have been a point where I would have never had the guts or the belief to do this. The voice in my head saying I’m not good enough and I’ll fail- that everyone hates me. That voice is rare and barely a whisper- one that I can now quiet down and lean on people when I need to.

This is all possible because of you.

  • Because of my upbringing to work hard, ask questions, and be respectful.
  • Because of a firm foundation with how to feel about my health and to be honest set up by my healthcare team when I was young.
  • Because of the teachers encouraging me to write and to slow down.
  • Because of my belief and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel- that things could get better.
  • Because of scholarships to help me get through college.
  •  Because of answers in the forms of diagnoses that were long overdue.
  •  Because of the people before me- the trailblazers and advocates- the ones to start conversations and make change- and more.
  • Because of the people who’ve been there for me and supported me in so many facets and when it mattered- when I needed it- when I didn’t believe in myself.
  • Because of the communities and people who encouraged me to write- encouraged me to keep being honest.
  • Because of the emails and messages and nods of me too- so I didn’t feel alone.
  • Because of everyone spreading the word and backing this project.

But also because of those sucky moments in my life from chronic illness to finances to bullying and to losing my dad- because I processed them and got through them- because eventually I was finally honest with myself about negative things that happened and not hiding behind a mask of positivity only.

For all the people who told me no- this is my yes. This is my appreciation of the people in my life who support me- those I know and those I don’t. I heard no so much in many different ways, but over time I found the people and the communities that were my yes- the believe in myself that became my yes.

I wrote this book for several reasons.

A reason that developed along the way was the opportunity to process everything I’ve been through with helpful and healthy tools I now have.

I could go into many reasons for this- but a major reason-

This is the book I needed. Not necessarily when I was diagnosed with certain chronic illnesses or even when I lost my dad- but in those moments where I felt all alone. Where I thought I had to fake it and lie about how I was feeling- about those nights crying on the bathroom floor. When I didn’t want the entire focus to be on one thing- trying to force me in a box. When I felt like I didn’t fit in.

I needed someone to tell me that it would be okay- to acknowledge that it can suck but that I could do it. I needed someone to call me out about hiding it and negative habits (and more).

I needed the truth.

I needed to not feel alone.

That’s what I needed- a book like this.

Honestly, I hope people never feel like that- that teens never feel like that- but it’s going to happen. So since things in life will happen, I hope someone finds something helpful in this book- something they can pull from- especially if it helps them feel like they aren’t alone.

This book is happening!

I cannot wait to share the next phases and plans with you! AFTER I celebrate! AFTER we see how far this can go!

So, please- celebrate! Treat yourself. Turn on your favorite power song that you can belt out your lungs to and dance your heart out to- I have a playlist that I cannot wait to keep on repeat. I know this is what I’ll be doing- with a full heart knowing the power of community and honesty is all around me.

With so much thanks and admiration,

 -Mindy (soon to remove ASPIRING from “aspiring author’)


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