Updates 1-5 on the Crowdfunding Campaign for My Book!

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Updates on the Crowdfunding Campaign for My Book!

I am so excited and so appreciative! Because-
Less than $100 away from raising 50% of the entire goal to get this book published! ($94 to be exact!) AND- We also just hit 60 backers!
Basically- that’s less than 5 books to reach $2,500!

I’m self-publishing an honest book about growing up with chronic illness and mental health. I wrote the content before rose-colored glasses impacted my experiences too much. To help this book get published, you can visit the crowdfunding page to learn more, back my project, and help spread the word. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and my blog “There’s More to the Story”.

I also created a specific page on my blog for the book

I wanted to share some of the updates from my crowdfunding campaign with y’all!

Update 1: Over 24 hours in!

Hello Everyone!

I got off to a little bit of a rocky start yesterday… well it started weeks ago. I initially planned to launch this on August 13th but due to some life transitions, I pushed back the date to yesterday. I love to keep to deadlines, but I’m glad I pushed it back! No reason to stress myself out for a self-imposed time frame, right?

Then, diabetes decided to do what it wants and go high in the morning yesterday so instead of launching the Kickstarter and doing outreach, I went back to sleep after I launched it for several more hours until my blood sugar came back down. After that, I went to town with outreach and my to do list!

I finally finished the post for my blog about the Kickstarter!

Thank you to all of the support and outreach already. A huge thanks to the backers so far!

I calculated that if people contribute about $167 per day, I will meet my goal! Now, it would be amazing and help ease my anxiety to go a little higher than that each day. (It would also be awesome for me to go for my reach goal if we hit the crowdfunding goal pretty quickly!) There’s 28 more days to get there.

We’re almost at 10% funded, and I would love to get to 15% by the end of today!

What can you do? Please spread the word about my crowdfunding campaign because Kickstarters are all or nothing! Word of mouth is amazing and the support of the people in my life and the communities is what will make this happen. Share to people in your life in person, via email, text, social media- basically whatever platform you prefer- share why you backed this project (and why they should too!).

Now that the Kickstarter is launched, I can focus on keeping up with my blog and getting more into the edits of my book.

You can check out some posts about my book and my crowdfunding campaign from some wonderful people and groups! Be on the lookout for more!

Give these a read (or a listen) and be sure to follow them for more great content.

Watch out for some cools things I’ll be sharing along the way!

Update 2: A little delayed but still on the way!

This update is a little behind. It’s been a week, and I’m ready for a long weekend. I’m going to treat these updates like I do with my blog- with honesty– (and will transition these into blog posts as well, Probably a few updates at a time.) There’s been some issues with my prescriptions which added to my anxiety (the prescriptions were mental health related. I have one of the ones I need now, but not the other- and boyyyyyy is it impacting my blood sugars- and mental health…) I’m working on getting those sorted out! While I’m doing that, I’ve been going after a little more sleep this week. It’s also impacted my motivation and productivity after work… so this weekend I’m planning on chasing that motivation down for edits to the book and my to do lists to catch up on life and timeline. I’m grateful for the kittens though! The power of animals, ya know? They keep bringing me their favorite toys they like to cuddle with!

At this point, we’re at 24 backers! If we get about $80 more, we’ll reach the goal of $167 per day- again today! So if you have added contributing to your do list or you want to reach out to the people in your life, I would really appreciate the help! (hint, hint, wink, wink!)

And guess what? At the one week mark of my Kickstarter, I’ll provide an excerpt of my book to people who have contributed so far… so you don’t want to miss that!

You can check out more posts about the book and the crowdfunding campaign! Make sure you give these a read or a listen, and follow them along!

(Update 3 is for backers only)

Update 4: The Power of Community

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well especially after the holiday weekend (maybe you had the day off, maybe you didn’t. I can’t assume, right?). I also hope you stayed cool! I spent the weekend chasing AC because NorCal hit record high temperatures (I blame myself- I must have brought it with me!). This southern girl is used to having AC when it’s hot (even though I’ve lived in Boston for over two years- I still have moments I miss that central AC is a thing everywhere- but only on those extreme hot occasions).

Before I get started with this update- I have to share the news-

I received a pledge of $500!! I’m still in shock and still so appreciative of this. This pushes us closer to the 50% goal that I hope to reach by the end of week two (less than $620 in four days- I feel it’s possible. Don’t you? Counting today- that’s about $123 per day- about 6 books per day!).

But honestly- and more importantly- I now have all of the medications I need! I’m feeling better and my blood sugars are easier to manage (see the impact of mental health on diabetes- on chronic illness?). I’m sleeping better. I’m more focused. So all around better.

Needless to say- this Tuesday is going pretty well. I’m excited and grateful (and cooler)!

So basically- this photo represents how I’m feeling right now!

I again wanted to say THANK YOU (again). I will keep saying it. I will keep celebrating it. I will keep feeling so appreciate of it. What’s it? Everyone who has had faith in this adventure of mine and backed the project so far, and all of the amazing people who are helping to spread the word. It truly means a lot. It truly helps. In more ways than just getting published, but also helping my nerves and struggle to completely believe in myself (glad I’ve come so far, but I still have my moments). It helps to settle nerves and knowing that others believe in this… well it helps to quiet the negative feelings I might have regarding believing in myself.

Like I said- I’m so appreciate of the help with this project. We’re getting closer to the goal! Please continue spreading the word and consider contributing to the crowdfunding campaign if you haven’t. We already met one goal- the goal of 25% for week one!

So let’s meet the goal of week two- 50% ($2,500).

I say we- because that’s how it will happen. We. Not me or I. Not by myself. Not alone. Not solo. No single-handedly. It’s all about the we. It’s about the people in my life- those who support me in whatever capacity they have. It’s also about the people I’ve never met who are taking a chance on me.

We is how this will happen. We is how this book will get published.

The community is what gets thing done. They’re the ones that create changes and help makes things happen. Community is what helps you to learn. Community is there to support you during the not so great times. Community is there to celebrate with you during the good times. (and everything in between!)

Including this dream of mine to be a published author.

Please keep spreading the word! And if you’re reading this and haven’t contributed yet, please consider backing this project!


Update 5: Happy Friday and almost halfway there!

Happy Friday!!

We hit two milestones this week! There are now over 50 backers, and we hit $2,000 so far! 

As of this moment, we are only $209 away from hitting the 50% goal of week two.

All of you are what has made this possible. Thanks to everyone’s support and contributions so far! So please keep spreading the word (and please contribute if you haven’t already). Week three’s goal will bet to hit 75%- $3,7250.

Related to that- I have an ask in this update! In the last update, I talked about the power of community- which is how this book will get published. So here’s the ask-

Please help spread the word!

Please share the Kickstarter with the people in your community- your families, your friends, your co-workers, fellow commuters… you name it! Use social media- general posts and/or specific asks/messages, emails, word out mouth, messenger birds, whatever works in your world!

If you’re feeling the spirit to share and spread the word, let them know why you’re helping get this book published (even if it is just because I asked you too). I appreciate any and all help!

Be on the lookout for a backers’ only update on Sunday! It’s also PCOS Awareness Month! You can learn more via my recent blog post.

You can check out EVEN more posts about the book and the crowdfunding campaign! Make sure you give these a read or a listen, and follow them along!


That’s all for now on my end- sorry it’s a little shorter- I’ve been throwing myself into self-care the last few days. My health is actually cooperating (as much as chronic illness can), but a few days ago, I had to say goodbye to my dog (best friend), Phaphy. She entered my life almost 14 years ago, and I’m on the other side of the country- so my goodbye was a video call. It’s hitting me hard so I’m cuddling with the kitties even more and making sure to practice self-care.  


With so much thanks and admiration, 


Be on the look out for more updates along the way!

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