Kickstarter Updates 13-16 for My Book!

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We did it! We got the book funded- which I’m sure many are aware! 113% funded to be exact! The Kickstarter is over. I’ll be setting up ways to pre-order the book- but I’ve been taking a breather after all of this excitement (and time online) and getting ready to head back to Boston. So stay tuned!

Updates 13-16 on the Crowdfunding Campaign for my Book!



Update 13: Still Taking It All In!

Hello Everyone! 

I’m still taking it all in- the fact that this project is FUNDED- that this book IS happening! It is a little hard for me to believe that this is happening- it’s REAL- it’s definitely hard to believe that it’s funded before the final 24 hours. (Which is a relief- I’m taking a lot of deep, refreshing breaths). 

We’re currently at 111 backers and over the goal at $5,351. INCREDIBLE. Thank you for making this possible! I will not be posting on social media quite as much about the crowdfunding campaign (I’m sure there are some sighs of relief from people in my life). BUT- that doesn’t mean I won’t be posting about this at all. It’s not over yet- we have FOUR more days to see how far we can go! 

We FLEW through yesterday’s goals!

Today’s goal for Thursday, September 21st:

Keep working towards 125 backers!

$350 in new pledges! 

  • $350 is just 18– $20 pledges to get the book!
  •  or $350 is 7– $50 pledges to get the book, a Tabs2Go Case, and a sticker!
  • or $350 can be ONE pledge to get a shout out in the book itself and a sticker!

Don’t miss out on some of the limited pledges- they’re being claimed! 

  • pledges left to get the book earlier for $25
  • pledges left to get a signed copy of the book earlier for $35
  • 2 pledges left to get a personalized book, Tabs2Go Case, and a sticker for $80 
  • 3 pledges left to get a shout out in the book and a sticker for $350
  • pledges left to get a shout out in the book and a case for $375
  • 2 pledges left to get a shout out in the book, a Tabs2Go Case, and a sticker for $400 

I do want to note– and I’ll devote more of an update to this tomorrow- if people are interested in getting book- they should back this project before the crowdfunding ends. This will be the fastest and cheapest option to get the book for a LONG time. (It has to do with planning, and I need to make sure I recognize the people who are backing this project- like a perk of the support.) There will be opportunities to get the book after this Kickstarter is over though! So don’t fret! 




Update 14: 72 Hours Left & Get Your Copy!

Hello Everyone and Happy TGIF!

The weekend is here! And thank you to everyone making this possible! With taking some of my focus off of the Kickstarter yesterday, I was able to really do some work on editing! YAY!

We have 72 hours left until the Kickstarter comes to a close! Be sure to get your copy of the book before it’s over!

WOW- we are at an hourly countdown now!

There will be opportunities to purchase the book at a later date, BUT going through the Kickstarter will be the best option!

This will be the fastest and cheapest way to get the book for a long time. Like I said in update 13, it’s about the planning and recognizing the people who made this possible.

Orders from Kickstarter will go out first and include the perks. Most Updates will be for Backers only. There will be an extra cost for shipping for orders after Kickstarter. (Etc. etc. etc.) You get what I’m saying and see the hints I’m dropping? 🙂

SO- Make sure you get your copies ordered via Kickstarter before September 26th! (or let people know to get their copies here before September 26th).

Happy Weekend!


Update 15: Less Than 24 Hours To Go!

Hello Everyone! 

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Thanks to everyone who has gotten us to this point! All the backers and all of the people spreading the word! 

Less than 24 hours to go! 🙂

We have less than 24 hours to go of this Kickstarter! We are FUNDED! This book about coming of age with chronic illness and mental health IS happening! But like I said in the last update, this will be the best bet for a long time to get the book (all of the hints and winks).

I have limited time for this update- so at about 12 hours to go, I’ll let you know what to expect moving forward (plus other information and updates).

But again- THANK YOU!

If you haven’t backed this project yet, you have less than 24 hours to go. If you’ve backed it, thank you! AND- you have less than 24 hours to keep spreading the word about this book and the crowdfunding campaign. 🙂 



Update 16: The Final (12 Hour) Countdown! 

Hello, hello! 

(Yes- I did start singing to myself!)

Well… here we are- 12 hours left for this Kickstarter! The final countdown is here. I still enjoy a good countdown even though we already met the goal to get this book published- LAST WEEK! 🙂

It’s been a ride to say the least. I feel so supported and appreciative of so many people. This book is happening!

And to think this is just (not really though) the beginning. It’s a part of this process to make the book happen.

Needless to say, I’m glad to see these 30 days come to an end- I definitely enjoyed it! But I am ready for a break- and I’m sure that people in my life and following my feeds are ready for it too. I’m ready to not talk about myself and this book for a little bit- then talk about it in moderation. (Who knows what that will look like!)

I’m ready to get back more to my blog and other writing involvements. I’ll be catching up on emails and other aspects of my life. Get back into my routine- especially because I head back to Boston soon. (San Francisco has been great! But I sure miss home!) NEVER in my wildest dreams (or my planning)…. Would I have thought that I’d be launching this Kickstarter right as I started a new job and as I moved across the country to San Francisco for training for my new job- I did however push the Kickstarter back by a week- glad I did! And it did happen! Plans change, right?

Honestly- I’m not going to know what to do with myself (for a moment- then of course… I’ll find things!)

So… what’s the plan?

Once this Kickstarter comes to a close:

  • I will be taking a social media break- in the form of deleting apps from my phone. I’ll still be around- just not as constantly.
  •  I will catch-up on life.
  • Determine next steps for the book- regarding ordering copies.
  • Blogs on blogs- (not about the book for a while).
  • HARD COPY EDITS LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS! (Sorry to all the trees).
  • Really determine a timeline and to do list for everything- not just brainstorming and possibilities- but plans!
  • Celebrating of course!

The updates will slow down to about twice per month. One for backers only and one that is public. I will of course share updates for big announcements and milestones!

I’ve said it before- but I will say it again-


For that, I am forever grateful!

With so much thanks and admiration, 




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