We have more advocacy to do

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the Boston Women’s March this weekend (you can read about why on my Instagram post). But- seeing all of the involvement really inspired me- oh so much! That plus why I couldn’t go continues to add to my passion about why this- and beyond this is so important. (plus all of my other soapboxes of course).


We have some advocacy to do.

Whether you attended any of the marches or anything else this past weekend or you weren’t able to- it doesn’t stop there. It’s just the beginning- well maybe not the beginning for everything and everyone…

It’s not just a one day thing- and it can’t be a one sided thing. It has to be intersectional. It has to be listening and learning from others too. It’s about using your voice and adding to larger collective voice. It has to include checking your own privilege.

It can’t just be what you see on TV or what a celebrity or politician tells you. It can’t be what someone tells you it is- including your parents or your friends.

It has to be about so much more than just that one thing you care about- but please speak about it- but remember there are so many people with so many stories and experiences.

It’s knowing that people have different opinions, but being able to have a civilized conversation- and being kind about your opinions.

and now- it’s really about joining together- even if the causes are slightly different or you aren’t impacted by it. It has to be working together- and recognizing that the “win” needs to be inclusive.

It’s about the little and the big things in advocacy.

It has to be regular and all at levels.

It’s awareness and education.

It’s being informed and making sure you keep in mind that all news sources are biased.

It’s voting- not just at the presidential election either. You need to show up for it all- local/town hall, city, county, state, and federal. It’s voting for other elected officials that play a role. It’s voting for laws in your area. It all adds up and can play a major role- more than you might know.

It’s raising your concerns to elected officials through calls, email, social media, and letters.

It’s sharing your story– over and over again- not just with politicians, but also with opinion leaders, people in your life, etc.

It doesn’t just stop with one march or one event. It isn’t just about repealing one thing or one law- there’s so much more to it.

There are organizations who have made the work easy for you- or given you a starting point. But you don’t have to stop there.


But it doesn’t stop there- and those are just examples.

We have work to do- pace yourself.




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