But Really- Bring on 2017! Peace out 2016!

To be entirely and COMPLETELY honest- I DREADED reading my post ending 2015 and looking into 2016.

BUT- after reading through it- the focus wasn’t YAY 2016! (I mean there were comments… but it wasn’t the main focus) So that made me feel better. Because really- 2016 has been a roller coaster- honestly- kind of rough– and not just the 2016 posts that Buzzfeed has been sharing (which I REALLY appreciate). But yes- I am saying I cannot wait for 2016 to end and for 2017 to start.

There were definitely some good parts, but also some not great parts- and I will TOTALLY be self-centered on this post and focus on me. (Although a lot happened this year). My year has gone from switching health insurance, finally doing a Disney race, going no contact with my mom for a period of time, moving to a new apartment, I went back to counseling for a bit, some new diagnoses arrived, my “diabetes cat” passed away, I got my new kittens “Lilo & Stitch,”- and much more. Friends visited me in Boston. I wrote some guest posts


I skimmed over my resolutions from last year- considering everything that happened this year- I’m pretty proud!

So here are the resolutions from last year and their statuses:

So… Did it happen?

  • Find an endocrinologist I like and have a connection with- it happened! After SO much many switches the past few years- I’ve finally found someone, and it’s been consistent!
  • Stop hoarding Diabetes supplies. Check! Thank you new health insurance and anxiety meds!
  • Overall stress less. Very much thanks to anxiety meds.
  • Binge-watching- I went back to being mindful about my decisions and not just whatever was on (maybe did this too well?)

So… Did it not happen?

  • Figure out the soundtrack to my life. Um… yeah- nope. Kind of confused by this.
  • FINALLY finish the t-shirt blanket I started almost 4 years ago… My sewing machine still hasn’t made it up to Boston… so nope.
  • Stick with Yoga- this flat out did not happen… again- combination of motivation and health issues this year.

Kind of?

  • Send actual cards- I did improve on this– again this year. I do well until about July. So let’s progress more so!
  • Make a budget that works for me, and that I’ll actually use. I did for the first half of the year, but once my health stuff started and my move happened- it overwhelmed me– so I stopped- but still paying attention.


So what am I hoping for this year? My resolutions?

From last year:

  • Send actual cards. Maybe do more planning and it will happen!
  • FINALLY finish the t-shirt blanket I started almost 4 years ago… Does this need anymore explanation? I will actually be getting my sewing machine back in May!
  • Stick with Yoga- I live closer to more options- this is just really something I want to pursue. We shall see. Third time’s the charm?

New to this year:

  • Write. Every. Damn. Day. For a minimum of 15-30 minutes. Make a schedule and goals.
  • “Spice it up” This resolution is coming back from a few years ago. I’ve gotten back into the habit of doing the same things again and again- specifically when it comes to eating out- same restaurants and same choices.
  • Do more! This goes back to writing- do more with my blog and involvements.
  • I struggled with reading this year so I hope to get back to my one book per week or two weeks deal.
  • Create a goal for each month, and do it.
  • Try starting a new small habit every two weeks.
  • And finally- go backpacking like I was supposed to after senior year of college!

So here’s to 2017 and PEACE OUT 2016! Because I really am ready to be done 2016 (But I do appreciate the good things that did happen). It’s definitely been a growing and learning kind of a year.


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