But you always have hope

Mental Health Awareness Month is almost over- and I slipped and didn’t get out another post last week- which is messing with my own schedule- but I’m not sorry for it- it’s called life- am I right?

But as this month comes to an end- and just like diabetes awareness month- it doesn’t end here. Mental Health is an “always” thing.


You know what helps with these “always things?” Hope. You see- at the end of the day- you always have hope. 


Hope can come in the form of perseverance. resilience, self-care, hobbies, dreams and goals, etc.

Hope is always there- maybe it’s faint and quiet just always there or maybe it’s loud and booming right when you need it- or somewhere along the spectrum. Maybe you didn’t realize it was there during whatever was (or is) happening. Even in the darkest or most stressful of times (or even just day to day) – you can always find hope.

Hope is there-

When you cry and reached the end of your rope

Finding the right healthcare provider or navigating the system

Because insurance can be a pain to navigate

Sometimes you get caught up in the numbers

Have no idea what’s going on

When the thoughts concerning body image give you reminders

When mental health pops up around many corners

Because burnout is a thing

asking why people aren’t talking about it

and you wonder when the other players or decision makers or anyone involved will “get it.”

In those any many other situations- you can always find hope.

You find strength in asking for help

You learn about yourself (and keep learning)



Because you know that finding the right healthcare provider is important

You decide to never shut up

It’s getting creative when handling your anxiety

Finding relief from an answer that you didn’t know you needed

It’s finding your people- the people who get it and the people who care (maybe they fit both categories or just one).

It’s doing what you do to feel better- like advocacy

It’s getting through the rough day or the rough patches.

It’s holding on to things that mean something to you.

It’s the hope that things can (and will get better).

It’s the hope that things will change.

It’s the hope that you aren’t alone.

and the list can go on.

That’s the thing- there’s always hope- and it means something different to everyone- and something different at different times.

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