Maybe One Day- my hopes for the future of mental health & diabetes

So today closes out Mental Health Awareness Month- but like I said in my post yesterday- it never really ends for anyone- even if they don’t have a diagnosis or a chronic illness or life challenge- mental health is always around and important to keep in mind.

But I wanted to close out with my “hopes” for the future- yesterday when I talked about hope– I mentioned reaching limits and the hope that is always there in some way- like when I wonder when people will get it? Get the mental health bit- well I have hope that someday- I won’t be ranting and raving about mental health- especially related to diabetes and access.

So this what I hope to see in the future- hopefully some bits sooner rather than later– and most of these hopes are related to mental health diabetes-


I hope that one day-

mental health providers won’t point fingers at diabetes healthcare providers and that diabetes healthcare providers won’t point fingers at mental health providers.

I hope that one day-

more people will realize- especially decision makers and strong voices in the community- that the current system doesn’t work and needs changes- and that we must be a part of it.

I hope that one day-

mental health services will be offered not just at a diabetes diagnosis (which is happening more and more) but after diagnosis- because let’s be real- most of us are in survival mode at that point and mental health isn’t really the focus right then- but most likely it will be later- hey “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” comes to mind! But right now- there is often little to be found.

I hope that one day-

access to mental health services will not be as limited- with less hoops to jump through- more readily available and affordable.

I hope that one day-

that caregivers- like healthcare providers and parents- will keep mental health in mind during those teen years. Instead of only focusing on compliance or that they are rebelling (which may be so)- but that there might be something more going on- like mental health- like burnout- like bullying- or so much more- maybe not even diabetes related.

I hope that one day-

more services, resources, and research will be available for the Type 3’s in our lives- parents, siblings, friends, significant others, etc.

I hope that one day-

barriers to access will be recognized and the blame game won’t just be on the people who need these services- but on the system and stigma that are always at play.

I hope that one day-

More research will be done to add to the research that is happening. That Diabetes Burnout isn’t ignored. That the research on Diabetes Distress is careful and keeps factors in mind.

I hope that one day-

when life happens- like a death in the family- that the focus won’t be on the A1C.

I hope that one day-

more resources will be available on how to take care of diabetes when mental health is at play.

I hope that one day-

Diabetes won’t always be the center or the go to (EASY) answer for things related to mental health- because let’s be real- it isn’t always diabetes.

I hope that one day-

there will be more me too’s- because we as a society won’t be so scared or ashamed to talk about it.

I hope that one day-

Mental health will be as much a part of diabetes care as eye care and checking our feet.

I hope that one day-

we understand that diabetes and mental health can be tied together and sometimes they interact with each other- but sometimes- this is not the case.

I hope that one day-

when people ask how we are- we give an honest answer and they expect an honest answer.

I hope that one day-

mental health won’t be considered a joke.

I hope that one day-

the future generation will see our generation speak about mental health candidly and be honest about our own mental health- so that this won’t even be a struggle for them.

I hope that one day-

more and more people will own their stories and realize how powerful they and how they can changes things within themselves and outside out in the world.


But there are things I also hope for myself-

I hope-

That I will continue to learn about this crazy thing called life- especially when it comes to mental health and diabetes.

That I will truly love myself without question or doubt- even with my flaws.

That I will know my triggers for anxiety and OCD.

That I will continue working on honesty concerning mental health and diabetes.

That I will make sure to protect myself from things that are not healthy- including people.

That I will work on new habits.

That I will look to new each day.

That I will stay firm in my barriers and limits when I need to.

That I will not blame myself or feel any guilt for my lack of or not great relationship with my family- including my mother.

That I will not back down or settle when it comes to any aspects of my health.

I hope that I will keep improving on my self-care.

These are some of the things I hope- and some of these are happening more and more- but there’s still so much to be done. So many barriers to demolish. So many stories to share. So many changes to occur. I hope for these changes- especially when I wonder if others will get it- especially the people that really need to get it- that is what I hope for.

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One thought on “Maybe One Day- my hopes for the future of mental health & diabetes

  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS! The first part about communication between MH providers and the diabetes team especially hit home for me. I recently received inpatient treatment for anorexia and it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get the two sides to communicate. Both were uneducated on the other condition. The thing is that the comorbidity is SO HIGH. Diabetes makes you 3 times more likely to develop a MH condition, we need the system to acknowledge this!

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