Plans change? What lead me here- (Part 1 of 2)


Plans change right? Things happen and you need to adjust? That’s part of life, right?
That’s not typically how I “roll.” Basically I have planned out my future for as long as I can remember, and besides right now- I have only switched once, at least for major plans. I don’t remember exactly how long I wanted to be a vet, but I wanted to be a vet since I was a child until the age of 14/15 when I realized that two subjects, science and math, were not my thing. Not that I cannot do math or science, and not because I am a girl who was “taught” to not be into it. I realized I did not enjoy it, and how was I supposed to be a vet while disliking science and math. Yeah- NO. My love for animals still has not changed, but I do not want it as a career.

As I realized I did not want to be a vet, I started to realize my other passions and strengths. I started thinking about what I had done up to this point in my life. These were not a certain subject in school, but some subjects were geared towards what I wanted to do.
I am FOREVER grateful for our theatre director. I chose theatre on a whim. I did not intend on continuing with theatre after I took introduction. I wanted to be more outgoing, and many said a theatre class was the way to go. Needless to say, I feel in love, and I stayed in theatre for all four years of high school. I started to get more involved my sophomore year. It took the quite girl who never spoke, and changed her. I consider myself to be an introvert in some situations, and an extrovert in other situations. It really depends on where I am, what I’m doing and who I’m with. I developed my skills as a speaker which I still utilize to this day. I had a group of friends. I was receiving constructive criticism and an adult who believed in me at the same time. Theatre gave me so much more though. I could go on forever. Theatre and Band- shaped my high school existence, and who I am today. Although I have not continued with those things in college I still appreciate everything they gave me.
My sophomore year, I was also in an AP Government Class and an AP Language class. These classes, and my AP Lit class from Junior year, truly prepared me for college. I was pushed in both of those classes. I was encouraged and again given constructive criticism again in these classes. AP Lit and AP GOV scared me and pushed me to my limits. AP Language did this, but we also had to give a speech on a topic, and although I did crash and burn because my subject was all over the place. I realized I enjoyed speaking. In AP GOV, I realized that I did enjoy history, but I REALLY enjoyed the topics of government and law.
I am not sure I have written my AHA moment for sure- and I will look into this- if not, I will provide a more detailed one later on.
Sophomore year, because of a multitude of factors, my mom and I got the head nurse in hall county involved in school because we needed a space for Diabetes supplies- but not just Diabetes supplies. Diabetes is not the only thing in the world. Literally, no one had a place to go if something happened- no one had a safe place to store supplies. That changed. We got a part time nurse, a room, and a fridge for medical supplies. What? We also had a meeting with other students with Diabetes in our school. We talked about a lot including but not limited to; 504 Plans, safety, stigma, and much more. The feeling I had after all of this was life changing for me. It felt so good to have done something that I didn’t just benefit from.
Through that situation, and my classes, I realized what I wanted to do. I had an AHA moment of sorts. That AHA moment was that I needed to go to law school so that I could be an advocacy lawyer. Over time I realized that the right major would be Social Work, and that is still my major. It took a while for some of my friends and family to get on board, and some thought it was perfect for me.
I would go straight into law school after undergrad- that was the plan. I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to go, but I knew a major city was where I needed to be. I knew I would need to like the schools I would be attending, but how much I get would be a determining factor. I wasn’t set on undergrad, and in the end it was between Iowa State and UGA. UGA won in the end- in state tuition, HOPE scholarship, and the fact that I had wanted to go to UGA since I was young all made my decision easy when I received my acceptance.
That was that. I had my plan. My plans don’t change much unless I have room for them to change. Well- until this summer when I decided to change my plans- well actually I delayed and kind of changed them. AND for those who do not know me. I like to plan and I do not like to change plans. This hasn’t been easy, and I’m still adjusting.

Part 2

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and Until We Have a Cure!


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