My love letter to Camp Part 1 or 3 (maybe)

So if you follow me on twitter or we are friends on facebook or you interact with me on a regular basis- you know what is on my mind- camp- for all those who don’t get it- this can become annoying- but I don’t care. It is literally my favorite time of the year. I’m not a fan of summer- but camp actually fixes that.

and the fact that camp also signals that I am done with the LSAT kind of helps A LOT. There will be a post on Diabetes and LSAT soon. I’m also a little low right now- so the scattered-ness it’s real life!

Also- Dawgs for Diabetes- it’s our year- I know it- all that hard work is starting to pay off and SHOW the world we mean business- for all those who didn’t believe in us before-BOOM- watch us kick but.

so back on track- My love letter to camp- I will NEVER be completely able to put into words my love for camp- I will never be able to write enough posts to even cover it. so this will cover the basics. This will be one of three parts. I did take a little blogging hiatus but I’ve been at camp for three weeks!- and taken the LSAT. I started this post before I left- and I am finishing it now. Also, the circumstances I found myself in when I got back from camp have also given to my delay, but with all this newly acquired extra time on my hands I can write a lot right? Not just blogs- in general. I can binge watch and binge read. But anyways. This one is kind of specific and thoughts before especially geared towards Kudzu, the next will be about my wonderful experience at Kudzu and To Belong, and the Last will be a general camp letter that can hopefully apply to just about everything. Because of those 6 weeks of summer camp- I’ll have even more to say.

My post on facebook- I have also changed my profile picture and cover photo to be very campy-

“I love camp shopping.
I love camp clothes that are acceptable to wear but if you wear in the real world people stare at you (I don’t really care though).
I love camp songs and dancing after meals.
I love that camp makes me lose my voice.
I love being surrounded by other amazing people living with Diabetes.
I only love peanut butter at camp.
I love camp tan lines.
I love tie-dye and friendship bracelets at camp.
I love amazing camp volunteers.
I love being around my camp family.
I love; not being told I can’t eat this or that, hearing I’m high all the time, that everyone gets it, that you don’t have to explain it or people stare, that the Diabetes jokes are actually not hurtful but rather funny/cute or a cool story.
I love the connections.
I love….. SO MUCH MORE.

Guess what? This doesn’t even cover everything-

Did you know that if I hadn’t gone to camp at 8 years old- I wouldn’t have had a close friendship with another person living with Type 1 until I was 14? and I would have only have had minimal interaction with others- I’m pretty sure no camp would have had a HUGE impact on my life. My mental health, my friendships, my goals and dreams- and so much more- I probably wouldn’t be involved with Dawgs for Diabetes- that means no college diabetes network- WHAT and I also wouldn’t have my roommate right now. I cannot imagine that actually. I don’t want to.

I believe in the power of summer camp. I believe in the power of being surrounded by those who “get it”. I believe in the power of tie-dye and bracelets. I believe in the power of those living with Type 1 lining up in the dining hall and everyone crying because of all the years of Diabetes down the line. I believe in the power of encouragement- learning as you go- building friendships. I believe in surrounding yourself with the family you have made and surrounding yourself with  people who believe in you unconditionally. I believe it’s the best way to get away from the real world. 

Without camp- I wouldn’t be who I am today. I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that.

because all of this and so much- I am so passionate about camp. I am so passionate about being involved to this day. I am so passionate about creating this enthusiasm in campers every year. I want them to feel this way too. I want them to feel empowered when it comes to Diabetes and other factors of life.

You never know how much a child needs this week- you may never fully know- we all need it- but part of me thinks some people might really need that week even more than others.

The parents need it. This might be the only week of the year that they get a full night sleep because they are up every night checking blood sugars.

I want our Kudzu family to keep growing and impacting lives for those impacted by diabetes until there’s a cure.

Basically- moral of the story- I LOVE CAMP SO MUCH AND NOTHING COMPETES WITH THAT- so if I personally invite you to come- that means something just by the way. Never ask me to skip a year of camp. Know that when you become a part of my life- camp will be everywhere.

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!


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