One of many soapboxes. The 504 plan

again- apologize- not going through and editing.

In honor of submitting my final presentation/proposal, I’m going to go on about my soapbox. The 504 Plan. Well. one of many. My presentation involves the 504 Plan- which is also serving as my proposal- more details after I have given my proposal to a group that will hopefully assist me in my endeavors. Fingers crossed.

But after I give the presentation, I can say- I have barely survived Junior Year of college. Crazy to think I only have one more year of undergrad until law school, about 4-5 months until I apply to Law School, and about a month until I take the LSAT.

But seriously. I could go on about this for HOURS. I have big plans for the 504 Plan in my future life- why wait until I get my law degree? Time to start, NOW.

My never ending questions.

Why don’t more people know about 504 plans?

Why aren’t more kids on these that need them?

Does it really need to be THIS excruciating?

Is it fair to further the disadvantage for those families of lower SES? who also have a disability or life challenge? Aren’t we making things worse?

Shouldn’t we try to make it easier?

And to the lovely, sarcasm, person I spoke on with the phone- I’ll be a force to be reckoned with- watch out for me. I WILL be calling your company back in a few months to check on what we talked about. Already marked in my calendar. I’m serious. Things have to change.

Read this- post from over a year ago. Spring Time must be the time for me to get fired up about 504s. First 504 Post

  • Freshman year- LONG, research paper about 504 Plans for my intro social work class. Spring 2012
  • Sophomore year- Part of my children with special needs and special education portfolio and presentation for sociology of education. Spring 2013.
  • Junior Year- presentation tomorrow about my 504 plan proposal for my children with chronic illness class and their families (echd). Spring 2014)

So spring is in the air- so I guess that means 504s are in the air for me? What will Senior year bring? What will law school bring? My future career? Only time will tell. But I see changes.

Love, words, inspiration, and insulin. -Until Next Time, and Until There’s a Cure!


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