Teacher Appreciation Week

So Teacher Appreciation week has passed. The thing is I’m always running a little behind, well on occasion I guess. I had most of this drafted out- but of course I’m not finishing this post until after teacher appreciation week/day- but oh well. I finished it! I’ll enjoy a little blogging and LSAT studying while in the great outdoors AKA my “porch” at my apartment with a view of the woods, sounds of the stream, and I can hear the kids playing at the other complex’s pool- relaxing right? Top that off with purple flowers and a candle to keep the bugs away- I am set for productivity out here- until the sun goes down and I get creep-ed out.

Back to the teachers.

Does it apply to me while I’m in college? YES. It’ll apply to me for the rest of my life. Where would we be without teachers? Where would I be without the amazing teachers I have had? The amazing people I know who are teachers? My professors? (they’re going to count for this post)

Here’s what comes to mind. thank you-

For sticking up for me.

for scaring me into trying harder when I wasn’t.

for believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.

for pushing me past what I thought were my limits.

for providing me with and pointing me towards amazing opportunities and experiences.

for making me love my education, especially a love of reading- specifically the classics (or directing us towards some new things) which means Jane Austen will always be a favorite, and I’ll find comfort in the words on a page. Always.

for your advice, even when I didn’t want to hear it.

for being there, even when I didn’t want someone there.

for still being here,  even though I graduated three years ago and have gone off to college.

for your guidance on the educational side and the not so educational side.

for you help on just about everything.

for giving me my multiple “AHA moments” which makes me want to create more.

for teaching life skills and things not to do with education- going the extra mile

for fighting for me to placed in gifted classes when others didn’t want me to be- this includes the extra portfolio that was created for me in elementary school- going back into the years and doing research- that you didn’t have to do- and pushing for repeat testing. With a little effort, I ended up in the gifted program.

for telling me to go my own way, and saying I knew what was good for me- this literally set the tone for most of my life- If I hadn’t where would I be?

for listening.

for embracing Diabetes more than you were required too, embracing the blood and needles. tolerating and taking part in the Diabetes jargon. Encouraging me to speak and educate. fighting for rights and what I needed with my family and I. educating me on Diabetes at the beginning. getting shirts and making donations still. Believing me about blood sugars and how I was feeling. educating yourself about Diabetes more so than we even asked. Taking my Diabetes chaos in DC like champions. and so much more- and making sure I still got to experience the trip.

I am forever grateful.

This one’s for all the teachers. The ones who create the “aha moments” and help the world

Not just teachers I have had.

Not just people I know who are teachers or about to be teachers

But also all the teachers, past, present, and future.

Where would the world be without you? Where would I be without you? I honestly think I lucked out when it came to teachers- and that luck has continued into the college years with professors. Last year, I found myself speaking to teachers at a conference at UGA about school and disabilities. I’m technically a “statistic” when it comes to college- and I had no idea- I wasn’t treated differently. But when I heard others’ stories- I did realize how lucky I was, and how grateful I am to this day.

I find myself with friends who are teachers and who about to become or wish to become teachers. I interact with schools because of CASA, and I am grateful. I know one day- when I am a foster mom (plan for now), I’ll be introduced to new amazing educators- and I honestly- can’t wait.

My appreciation for teachers has grown throughout the years as I get older and realize how much was done for me. I believe this will grow with age. Not to say I didn’t appreciation teachers growing up, my appreciation is growing.

because no matter how old we get, how much we “grow up,” how far away we go- a teacher helped you get there, and we should always be grateful. I know I will be.

Love, words, inspiration, and insulin. -Until Next Time, and Until There’s a Cure!


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5 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. “Taking my Diabetes chaos in DC like champions. and so much more- and making sure I still got to experience the trip.” …..This made me smile. (I am a teacher who was the watchful eye of our two students with T1D just this past week on D.C.) What a beautiful post!!

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