Lately, in the media.

First of all, be prepared. I will post the link to the Dawgs For Diabetes Fundraising Page all the time. We need YOUR help! Please donate! But also- please spread the word about this! Help us make a difference.

So life.

Finals are coming up- well I don’t have finals, mostly presentations, a lot of them- welcome to the social work life (watch for a why I love my major post). and of course LSAT studying. It’s crunch time. I take it June 9, Can’t believe it’s almost here. Once my last presentation is done May 5, and evening during these few weeks. I plan on doing 5-6 hours of LSAT studying 6 days/week usually. My day off will also be a day I am not working.

here’s the plan. No Work 9AM-Noon, 2-5. Morning Shift 8AM-11, 4:30-7:30. Evening Shift 8AM-11, 1-4. Double Shift 8-11, 4-5

I just had my interview on Friday for my internship for senior year for my major, social work at Hope Haven.  I am so excited for senior year and my internship! It’ll be crazy, but I’m excited. Last Friday was Take Back the Night which was amazing!!

I have something in the works, but the announcement will have to wait until after finals- and things are finalized.

But to the reason for this blog post. Because in my mind, lately, in the media- it’s been a little crazy and heated. Right? My friends on facebook have seen my posts. So here’s what has grabbed my attention.

Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps in Bills

This one, above, has had so much heated attention. I’ve seen it everywhere from posts on camps, to diabetes organization, to bloggers, to tweets. I posted about this a few weeks ago. I really had no idea it would get THIS heated.

What I have to say on this-

What I posted  on a link. “I believe it is a part of a series. But I don’t believe she was blatantly trying to offend anyone. It happened for some, but i didnt get offended. I think she just wanted to get the information about cost out there because so many people in the world do not understand. My insurance company actually uses the term gadgets and they call my pump unnecessary. This language is everywhere. And I’m actually grateful for this article. For a main reason. people come up to me asking how I feel, and I have a chance to educate someone.”

  1. It is part of a series! Number 7, and more to come- look it up. So this isn’t strictly about Diabetes (don’t pounce but there is more than Diabetes in the world- I am saying that as type 1 because I want to do advocacy law for CHILDREN not just Diabetes). The focus is cost!
  2. Paying Till It Hurts “Rosenthal has also been investigating why costs for the same procedure can vary so much within the U.S. — by thousands of dollars, in some cases — depending on where it’s being performed. Before becoming a journalist, Rosenthal trained as a doctor and worked in the emergency room of New York Hospital, now part of New York-Presbyterian Hospital.”
  3. I really do not believe she was intending to attack anyone.
  4. Diabetes is actually really expensive and costs people A LOT of money, not necessarily just the ones living with Diabetes- because of inadequate care (maybe because people cannot afford it because of the cost… thoughts…)- sick days, medical supplies, transportation costs, etc. It also doesn’t just cost money. Time and resources too. My mom had to pay for gas to drive an hour back and forth for endo appointments in Atlanta. Now, I pay that gas and I have to take off time for work and schoolwork. etc. etc.
  5. INSURANCE AND COMPANIES PRICE GAUGING ARE THE BAD GUYS. She is not the bad guy. People with diabetes are not the bad guys. People without diabetes are not the bad guys.
  6. People really don’t understand how expensive it is. Diabetes, regardless of type, is often an invisible disability/illness, misunderstood. People really don’t understand it is constant and that there are “battles” besides the medical side of things- emotional, mental, INSURANCE, ignorance, cost, stress, and so much more.
  7. Usually the only time diabetes makes the news is about negative impacts of the disease medically, (makes me cringe) who is to blame/our fault/etc, some new cookbook, a celebrity being diagnosed, end of the world nonsense, etc etc. This is still negative I would say, but it is a whole other side of things. It is also about a “normal” person living with Diabetes. I did not get offended by terms or language, FOR ONCE. She differentiates. I feel like this is letting the world know more of our story. from someone who isn’t living with it? I’d like to thank her for writing a story because she doesn’t seem to be directly impacted by (she doesn’t have it, and not someone in her life- unless I am incorrect). SO THANK YOU for writing. That is what makes me happiest at the end of the day. She is trying to understand it, and she is trying to get others to understand it.
  8. You cannot expect everyone to know everything about everyone and everything. Also keep in mind that everyone is different. People have different terms and outlooks on their Diabetes care.
  9. Someone is always going to be upset. or offended. or both.
  10. Because of all the controversy I had the chance to educate people if they asked me questions!
  11. I have a lot to say about this…. lots of thoughts…. obviously.

“As a doctor, I’d rather have HIV than diabetes” – Title makes me cringe

  • I do believe there are some valid points about medicine.
  • I am still unsure about how I feel on this article.
  • People have pointed out that it is with his medical knowledge- complications, research, prognosis, treatment, etc.
  • BUT
  • A medical degree can only go so far, what about actually living with an illness? The day to day stuff.
  • Mostly, I wish the the title of the article was different.
  • There are some valid points.


  • I am so against bullying. I cannot even really begin on this topic.
  • Bullying is not a normal part of life. Kids will not just be kids.
  • (we had a very deep discussion in one of my classes on this).
  • Bullying leads to violence and so much more.
  • We need to stop to focus on telling kids how to stop bullying and how to stop bullies.
  • We should start telling KIDS TO NOT BULLY (reminds of teaching people how to not get raped instead of teaching people HOW NOT TO RAPE)
  • I really could get going.
  • It isn’t about teaching people to walk on eggshells. It is about teaching people to be respectful, kind, inclusive, encouraging, and so much.

$12.5 Million to Social Work!

  • can UGA have an anonymous donor please? We need it! Especially a new building.
  • This person is my hero for; several reasons; not wanting attention- just wanting to help; recognizing the importance of social work; and so much more.
  • Social Workers aren’t paid much.
  • Agencies and organizations often have little money.
  • People don’t know about social workers and their importance.
  • I may be a little biased. I mean- I am a social worker (well to be) and I also love Boston.
  • So look out for a post on social work.

Diabetes Blog Week is May 12-May 18! EXCITING! By the way. Look for it on

So I’m 96 going on 70 and I feel myself dropping. I also need dinner. I should be studying- but I have been a little burnt out on studying.

and don’t forget my full disclaimer. These are my opinions. I’ll be respectful, please be respectful as well. IN YOUR DAY TO DAY LIFE.

Love, words, inspiration, and insulin. -Until Next Time, and Until There’s a Cure!


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