SPRING BREAK (only about a month late- I’ll blame the move)

So in a few days it will be a month since I went on Spring Break. Sorry for the delay- Life, more later, and that pesky move back to our original apartment have gotten in the way of my writing. Shout out to Paul for the push to post. I also apologize for no edits.

Honestly, Spring Break couldn’t come fast enough. Between the stress of everything and realizing I probably did take on too much (never fear- I can do it) plus school, plus LSAT studying, plus work, plus the extras I do- I finally hit my wall. I was ready to be in the city- ready to be at my favorite place-ready for a new place- ready to truly relax therefore I didn’t bring my laptop- I knew I couldn’t resist to do work- I’m a workaholic in the making (but if you enjoy it and it gives you meaning- can that justify it? ohhh the questions life throws at you from time to time). I also prepared for cold weather- and it was only cold one day when I’m leaving for home.

I flew Airtran Airways  bright and early to Boston- best customer service I have ever had. Flew on a thursday- I have never seen the ATL airport THAT empty- and I actually made it through airport security without the usual Diabetes hassle I constantly encounter at any security checkpoing. But back to Airtran- Singing in the terminal. Sarcastic and sassy jokes on the plan. I’m on a sassy kick- the sassier the better. Definitely a new favorite airline- they have my stamp of approval. Although- finding out about the airplane that went missing did not help my nerves- I actually like flying better than driving, but I like trains the best.

I absolutely LOVED, well still love, Boston. This makes my “where-will-I-move-to-and-go-to-law-school” decision even harder. I loved the city, and all of the history all around me. I got to stay with camp family! and see camp family while I was there, while eating at the Cafeteria! Then I saw a high school friend who attends Harvard- she’s still as nice and welcoming as ever. Harvard was beautiful! I was glad to catch up with all these people. I toured Boston College, LOVED it, and Boston University not as much. (BC and BU). (see Law School post- will post link when written) I got to meet with the College Diabetes Network too!! They are such a lovely group of people, and I have gotten even more excited about CDN and Dawgs for Diabetes. Not to mention I celebrated my 14th DiaBirthday in Boston- more on how I feel about celebrating that later. I of course got lost on my self-guided walking tour of the historic parts of Boston (the freedom trail) You see- I have to get lost on every location and every time I go somewhere, and eventually go super low- kind of a signature- but usually once I get lost- I don’t get lost again- so there’s that- no need for a GPS- I’d rather get lost- especially beautifully lost. On my walk back to the T to catch my plane- it starts to SNOW.

Why you ask? My feelings on public interest and the since of community I felt while there. Short answer to that question.

On Monday, I flew to DC, took Jet Blue for the first time-impressed as well- especially for the deal I got on student universe! “Thank you Jet Blue.”-Legally Blonde the Musical!

I immediately leave the hotel I stayed at and took my ten minute walk to Georgetown- one of my favorite places ever- had to go look at Georgetown University- and of course I get lost for hours. I finally make my way back and get dinner at Pizzeria Paradiso where my server was from, you guessed it, Georgia, and then I went to Sprinkles for Delicious cupcakes.

The next day Dupont Circle- Jamba Juice! and Kramer’s. Then I met up with my roommate to go to Georgetown again. That evening we also saw the beautiful view of DC from The W. We alaso ate at Baked and Wired Cupcakes!

The next day- I toured George Washington and George Mason Law schools- Loved the former not so much the latter. That day I took the train to Fredericksburg to stay with one of my second families and see a Best Friend who literally inspires me every day- she’s pretty impressive and spectacular- wish I could have stayed longer.

Then the next day- train back to DC to catch the megabus. I live tweeted my whole adventure.

First- bus was an hour late- at least they were honest about the situation. We’re sitting in Union Station FREEZING- and the heater doesn’t work- we have to wait for another. This bus comes and most of the outlets don’t work. Then the real fun begins. A family comes on and complains about the accommodations- what do you expect for the deal you got??? Then the driver goes under bus speed limits. We make it to Knoxville. Then I see the sunset. Then the driver doesn’t close the luggage latch and we all have a laugh.

all in all- I’d take the Megabus again and I’d recommend it- but remember you get what you pay for.

I saw the sunrise on a train in DC and the sunset on a megabus in Knoxville- what a day?

Moral of this short story? I love the city; the people, public transportation, the access to coffees and different food/restaurants, the culture, the atmosphere, the mood, the things to do, the history, the beauty, the fast paced style, the fact that- especially in DC it’s where it all happens.

The city can do no wrong in my book. I cannot wait to live there in under a year and a half!!!!!

A week after getting back- we are ready to move back to our apartment- only about a month after they told us. So finally, I am sitting in the comfort of my own room with posters and pictures on the wall- well most of them- I’m still unpacking and settling. even though it’s been over a week- I live a busy life? What can I say- I’ll get to it when I get to it- playing the 20 minute rule.

I ought to go to bed- practice LSAT in the AM then class and mentoring and make up LSAT class with a little gym at the end. and after this day. Start off with a high blood sugar. up at 7. class from 9-11:50 and 12:30-3:15. Quick errand. get to work at 4 with a blood sugar of 52- one of the scary shaky ones I can’t stand. I really don’t appreciate lows at work that interfere with me. I get self-conscious- I know I shouldn’t, but I do- then work at 4:30 and gym at 9:30 finished with a relaxing bath and a blog post. I’m on a roll- let us allow it to continue.

I keep saying this week will be slower- and April will be less hectic- I think I’ll stop saying that for good because it honestly never happens- but I’d never have it any other way.

Love, words, inspiration, and insulin. -Until Next Time, and Until There’s a Cure!


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