The floor was a waterbed

so- I know I haven’t blogged since October- and I’ll get more into the reasons why- but I’m starting off again with a bang. Sorry for not editing this as well. (typos, spelling, grammar, etc)

Long story short- my apartment flooded because of the fire sprinkler system- since in Georgia no one can handle a little cold weather- no one was read. Now here’s the long version. That starts from Wednesday, January 8, and goes till now, January 11, but the story is not nearly finished my friends.

It’s a little before 1 on Wednesday afternoon. I am getting ready to head to class, and I open the door to go to my car. Across the street, I see water exploding up in the air, and it is already flooding the street. My roommate had just gotten home and we both looked on as people were attempting to turn it off and handle the situation. I head to class, and my roommate goes inside.

It’s around 4:30 at work, and my roommate is texting me that the water is brown, and now almost black. She’s already make calls about it, and she’s working on fixing it. I think nothing of it. The day before I had to call into work because my pumpsite failed. It’s around 5:30, and my roommate calls- the same thing that happened next door is happening to our unit, and our apartment is starting to flood- we are on the end on the first floor. I immediately get the okay to leave work, and I head out. My roommate already called the water department. She’s unplugging everything. They came- and said there was nothing they could do- because it was the sprinkler- supposedly he called the fire department. I arrive, and I see the water flooding out. My roommate wearing her boots, and my neighbors above us already assisting. I had been calling people already to come help, and I called a friend from work who lives close by again, and he immediately heads over.

I am now in the apartment getting valuables off the ground. Luckily, I cleaned my room, I cannot imagine what would have happened.

At this point no one is there yet helping us we calling our complex again- 911 is called again. My friend says to turn off the electricity, and he says to start taking pictures. We start moving furniture out of the apartment, and neighbors and my friend are helping us. As we are walking on the hardwood, people are getting lifted off the ground (like a waterbed). The water gushes out the doors. Our rooms begin flooding, and mine is flooding the worst (why later). Eventually the fire department shows up, but they are at a different unit that had the same issue just happen. My roommate and I take off sprinting, and beg them to come asap.

Ia m leaving message after message with our complex- but no one is getting back to us.  Eventually we get through to someone and someone shows up to see what happened. The fire department stays- walking through while we are taking pictures. The person who shows says we are okay to move in- no….. I am begging for fans to start drying it out.

Someone comes to extract the water, and instructs me to get my furniture out asap- my friend from work already left- but I called him again and another friend from work. When they arrive- they take charge and start moving everything, I was already in a numb state at this point. We also move our stuff next door. The guy extracting the water gets as much as he can- but there is still a lot more.

At the end of all of this 11:30PM- we pack our bags and go to a hotel. We are unable to to sleep well all night. Over 6 hours of this….

Luckily, during all of this, I had had a temp basal on for work- so I did not go low. Our stuff appears to be okay- but our apartment is not.


To be continued.



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