It’s all really exciting even with all the crazy

I’m really neglecting my blog- plain and simple. I thought I was busy a year ago- boyyyyy did I have no idea. So apologies. I’m trying my best to get back into the habit. At least I’m attempting once a month? Maybe we can get better from there. Even though my life is crazy, it’s exciting, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

59 right before class starts- what a (kind of) start to my day. Today we are talking about Diabetes in my Children with Chronic Disease Class. Here it goes.

I have drafts of posts that will be happening this week though- that I’ve been working on since the Flooding and the snowpocalypse. Talking about what I’ve been doing, thoughts, etc.

But in other news- I have officially decided to backpack in Europe after graduation. I will find a way to come up with the money- somehow someway.

My plan- the 52 Week savings plan I found on pinterest. Plus some. I’m doing that- that’ll get me close to 2,000 by the time I’ll be going. Any money given to me will go into the “jar.” If I make above a certain amount- that will go into the jar too.

I’m also doing lots of research- I will post those!

Soon I will be in Boston/DC looking at law schools and visiting for Spring Break. Thank goodness!

My professors decided not to take part in Saturday school because of the snow! YAY.

24 Hour Dance Marathon is this weekend! Then I’m off to Atlanta to lead a Teen Breakout session for JDRF! (excited and nervous).

I will also be assisting with CIT Orientation for Camp Kudzu.

I finished this blog while being 384, the next day.

Short, sweet, and to the point right? I also, LOVE my juicer. Another post to come before the weekend- PROMISE more detailed and less scattered.


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