Lot numbers

Thought it was just a bad box.

Thought I was finished with the nonsense.

THOUGHT- things were back to what I call normal.

No. Nope. Nada.

I felt myself get frustrated with Diabetes. The ranting was beginning. I was exhausted. Feeling terrible. etc. etc.

Diabetes should not be THIS hard. It had been.

Then last night happened. Changed my site- I was SCARED to- because it was a decent one. Not my usual run of blood sugars- but better than it had been. I change it. a few hours later, around midnight, 492. and with ketones…

NO THANK YOU. WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE. I FELT LIKE I COULD NOT WIN, AT ALL. Ripped out my site. Changed it. an hour later- 504. Then. I got this gut feeling. You see, luckily my room is kind of a mess. So I find the bad box I hadn’t thrown away. Looked at the lot number. Then I looked at the lot number of the new box I was using…. THE SAME. Light bulb. Ripped out the new one- after I had given 6 units…. Changed it with a new box with new lot numbers- thankfully I keep my supplies like a bunker- and give 4 more units…. slightly scared…. around 2:30AM- 365- still have ketones. I can’t sleep when I’m not in target either- but if I am steadily coming down I can sleep… sooooo by 4AM I am now 283. Chugged my 5th tall glass of water. and finally fall asleep. Then… the neighbors wake me up at 6AM. Skipped two of my classes to sleep- feel awful literally all day. Finally feeling okay- blood sugars are being kind of nice to me.

Adventures in my life. Luckily I was off tonight. Got a good run in. Did a little school work. and got my walk t-shirts!!!!!!! (that made my day).

I have also decided Mondays are reason for diet mt. dew. The end.

Love, words, inspiration, and insulin. -Until Next Time, and Until There’s a Cure!


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