It’s been one of those days.

well hey Diabetes, should we continue this little dance- I’m not a fan of? I don’t think we should- but I guess you would like to continue so. I’ll be increasing my basal rates majorly tonight. no little increase. Sorry endo- it’s been a mess of a time. I think it will be a mess of a time until the semester is over. I took on too much. I overdid. I’m trying though. It’s just at night I’ve been going woah with the blood sugars.

allow us to backtrack to Friday night

Weekends are generally my give-in days. I go out to eat- I give into cravings- (well past couple weeks it’s been all the time)- First of all- my fault- I forgot to do my 150% basal rate to help with not having class and to help with what I was eating. oops. my bad. THEN. I change my site. It hurts a little- but goes away. I check it out- looks absolutely fine. A few hours later after snacking and watching TV- I start to feel icky. Great. I check it 434 at midnight- WHAT. I correct. A minute or so later- I feel the alarm of death. NO DELIVERY. really… I go check the site looks fine still- but I have this gut feeling- sooo I yank it out- and the blood starts to gush. I am so distracted by that- I don’t even notice the blood in the tube. Joy. I’m gushing blood for a few minutes. Then I finally change my site. Blood has stopped and the insulin is flowing into my body. The water chugging begins.

an hour later. recheck- 376- hey! we are getting somewhere. keep the water chugging. I recheck again an hour later 421- WHAT. more insulin. more water. it’s almost 2AM by then. 3AM hits- I finally hit 292. I attempt to sleep. The struggle begins.

I cannot fall asleep if I am not in target- unless I am on the way down at a reasonable pace. I had planned on getting up before work to run- NOPE. slept in- and felt awful ALL day. I get back from work and go straight to a nap. Set my alarm for 30 mins. I turn my alarm off and sleep 2 hours. missed most of the UGA vs. LSU game- BUT I caught the last minutes- thankfully! Go Dawgs!

Sunday morning- plan to go for a run- go high AGAIN during the run. But I quickly came down.

Sunday night- around 2AM- wake up at 42. We all know what that means. SURVIVAL MODE. I am not sure how much I ate at the end of it. But I sleepily gave some insulin.

my “you-have-an-hour” alarm goes off- at 5:45. I remember turning that off. But then 8:30 hits and I pop up. WHAT. I DO NOT REMEMBER TURNING OFF MY TWO ALARMS AT 6:45. I AM USUALLY ON CAMPUS AT 8;30 AND I HAVE A QUIZ AT 9. It takes about 30 minutes to get on campus and get to class. takes less than ten to get on campus- if I go at my usual time.

so obviously. I rush… EVERYWHERE. Threw on clothes. Put my contacts in. Brushed my teeth. grabbed my water and a to go breakfast- and head out the door. Brush my hair at lights and eat.

I get to class with 1 minute to spare. Take my quiz.

oversleeping means I feel off all day- routine.

oversleeping means no allergy meds- and of course walking by lawn mowers and flying grass(my worst allergy)

oversleeping means no coffee- which means no caffeine. which means diet coke.

oversleeping means being a mess all day.

I tripped on the bus too. Didn’t eat so well.

On a side note- I got a lot of errands done. and I saw and adorable little old lady walking her standard poodle down the straight. made my day.

well since I got back around 5- I have done nothing pretty much. TV. and laundry. and looking up law school information. oh boy.

so much for studying and reading and such. It’s been a long day though.

Well- off to bed now I suppose. Not really. cause now I am 311. I have been running high at night and increasing my basal slowly- I guess it is time for a larger increase.

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin. Until Next Time and Until there’s a cure!


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