Scattered, Scattered, Scattered, Less scattered

so I have a moment. wait what? I have a moment to spare…. WOAH. a few minutes before class to get things done… like say blog. oh there’s studying to do? NAH.  Later. This blog represents how scattered my life is still at the moment and how scattered my thoughts are as well.

As of now-  I finally feel as though my life is back to normal, well what I consider normal. Normal is a broad term that varies for everyone. But basically, I finally feel like I have a schedule going. I feel that I have accomplished enough when I go to sleep. I am fixing my sleep schedule. I am finishing ALL of my to do lists. I’ve missed this feeling in my life. Haven’t had it since before camp. The stress is basically gone.

All in all- things are going well.

FINALLY not sick anymore!! Bye-bye sinus infection- bye-bye sickness and meds messing with my blood sugars. So annoying. I wish that this was not a thing. Makes it an uphill battle. But blood sugars finally cooperating with me- at least some what.

School is going- I have officially taken a test in all of my classes and passed. I’m organized and starting to get ahead- I have been behind since classes have started- and I HATE that feeling. SOO much. But now- that feeling is gone!

I am so glad that I work Tuesday and Thursday when I don’t have class- I think I would not accomplish ANYTHING if I didn’t have anything to do. Hopefully tomorrow, I will wake up around 6, workout, and do things before work at 10:30. Then I do some studying after. On Thursdays I go straight to CASA training, and sometimes there’s a Dawgs for Diabetes meeting in-between that. Tuesdays it depends.

Last Tuesday I went to a personal statement workshop for law school. I didn’t want to go- but I am SO glad I went. I now know the steps and tips I need before I get started on it. Christmas break will probably be when I get to work on that.

LSAT studying- kind of pushed aside. but I’m back at it again!

Dawgs for Diabetes at UGA- going AMAZING! I now have a wonderful exec board, new members (who I don’t know), plans, contacts, a logo, etc. We are going to do amazing things this year. I cannot wait! In all honesty, last year, spring semester- I got a little discouraged. I felt I was fighting for something people didn’t even want. I decided to see how things went with fall semester. and things are going amazing! I am so excited. I don’t feel like it is an uphill battle any more. This has kind of become “my baby.” That said- I am also learning to delegate things because there is no way I can do it all myself.

I have all my orders for JDRF shirts too- EXCITING.

for now- I have been focusing on the little things. Fall is starting to arrive, kind of and slowly. But, I am able to open my car windows and blast music again. YAY. FINALLY. Pumpkin spice latte is also at Starbucks again. YUSSSSSS.

Sorry this scattered. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my blog- I am working on it. I promise. Trying to blog regularly again. Trying is the key word.

Love, words, inspiration, and insulin. Until next time! and until there’s a cure


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