Wait, I have a blog?

I know.

Over a month since I have posted on my blog. Yes I am a writer. Yes, I know. I’ve been very busy though…. it’s been CRAZY.

It’s been crazy. The level of crazy I was at has only been reached a few other times in the past- and then… I didn’t have a blog I should be keeping up with… I have barely been on pinterest even! I KNOW…. crazy crazy.

But things and life – finally starting to calm down. I’m finally getting into a routine, a crazy one, but a routine. I’m getting over being sick. Yes- calming down! I slept away the whole entire Labor Day weekend pretty much- with some work and studying thrown in there- Most of the errands and studying happened today….

So since I last blogged- like…. ACTUALLY blogged. I was in the process of living out of my car that week. I worked and got stuff done- successfully. worked 5 shifts- stayed at people’s places, which I appreciate so much. Got a shift covered, THANKFULLY, and then got ready for camp (this was the last week of July- first week of August).

Then I went to Camp Kudzu- my favorite place on earth. It was absolutely positively amazing me. That is my family- no joke. If I had to say there was a best part of my Diabetes…. it would be this. Camp. My favorite place ever. Seriously, I don’t even know what I would do without- I thought I loved being a camper, I thought I loved being a CIT- which I did. I loved it. But I REALLY LOVE being a counselor. I absolute adore it. Love Love Love it. I could write forever on this. Another time I suppose?

Then I moved in- August 11. Crazy town! Luckily- I had a ton of help! My mom, the neighbor, and a handyman at home. Then to Athens- my mom, a good friend, and an awesome family- oh yeah- and myself. We put together IKEA furniture…. yeah. I basically did nothing to help in that task. I supported the people who put it together. I drove a total of four hours that day as well…. and it poured… I thought the rain was going to take my car and float us away. I pulled over- for a long time….

Then I started classes August 12. We all know who that goes.

Changed my schedule. Wasn’t working out. But finally have the schedule I have been dreaming of. Class 9-1:10 Monday, Wednesday, Friday. No class Tuesday or Thursday- besides a Tuesday Social Work lab that meets a total of 6 times- but oh well.

I work about 5 shifts a week. by the way. and I workout (been a little all over the place- only doing about 4 workouts a week- but hopefully back to 5 or 6 soon) Gotta get ready for the Athens’ Half Marathon….. oh boy.

Went on a retreat for the Dean’s Student Advisory Board. It was AMAZING.

Had a bunch of meetings and appointments. Throughout all these weeks.

Went to class. Attempted to study.

activities fair– A SUCCESS!!! Dawgs for Diabetes had over 45 people give their emails to sign up! and many more take flyers- ALSO- had no one make any rude comments or anything- we had some almosts but they took the moment to hear us out. I think this is our year. 🙂 We have an exec board too! and I am SOOO excited about it. I think we will kick butt. They’re all so excited. We’ll do some great work! and help a TON of kids who happen to live with Diabetes in the state of GA.

I am going to be a court appointed advocated! Went to the orientation. and training starts this Thursday- basically a month of training. Here we go (when that ends – LSAT class starts) and when I turn 21 I will officially be an advocate. I am so excited for this. not the LSAT class. I cannot wait to learn all I can.

saw some people- but overall- very antisocial- I’m working on it. No more antisocial behavior as of now.

I had my first test.

I had a freak out about it- Figured I was gonna fail college etc etc. French and I don’t get along so well.

my blood sugars have been all over the place. Working on it.

I haven’t been cooking at all. Cooked one meal-  and enough leftovers for 5 meals. add that to my job. never ever cook. I did bake today- nutella/banana cookies- luckily I have friends who will eat them.

Now, that things are calming down- I’m back to reading, and pinning. and my occasional hours of TV/movies every week. I am learning to relax. I have figured out a system so I get everything done.

and blogging will become a regular thing again. I promise.

and sorry for the errors- back to studying and laundry!

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin!- Until next time and until there’s a cure!


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