Is it Fall Yet?

Summer. A super crazy. Unscheduled chunk of time or unscheduled chunk of time. Basically how it has been since I got back from Paris. – basically consistently has been an issue- Once I get back from camp though- I will be MUCH more consistent and just on a schedule with everything.

But here’s what has been going on-

After my endo appointment last week.

I worked thursday-sunday mornings. Worked on my papers. studied for the LSAT. Packed up my stuff for moving.

Sunday- right after my shift- I loaded my car for one last time- probably took about 10 trips up and down 3 flights of stairs (I worked out that morning too). I BARELY fit everything in my car. Then drove home home unloaded my car.

I had finished one paper Saturday night, and I attempted to finish the other one Sunday- nope- decided I was too tired. Was going to finish Monday- I did besides the edits- that night/next morning- went high- so had to wait till Tuesday afternoon- but IT IS TURNED IN! DONE.

Monday and Tuesday-I was packing and repacking and prepping for moving into my new place and attempting to get ready for camp- i also finished my Paris collage!

Tuesday- I left for Athens around 3- got there at 4:30- managed to clean my apartment in 30 minutes- barely made it to work at 5:30. Worked till about 9. Then drove to a friend’s,

Side note on getting to work-

I’m driving down the road- going the speed limit…. I get behind this car NOT EVEN GOING HALF THE SPEED LIMIT DURING RUSH HOUR! THEY WERE TAKING PICTURES OF THE HOUSES THEY WERE DRIVING BY….. ummm NO- Definitely blared the horn at them. But I made it to work.

But anyways- technically I don’t have a home in Athens right now- my lease was up today- but I moved out Sunday pretty much. my next lease doesn’t start till August 4- while I am at camp…. welp. I am staying at a different friend’s place each night. Thanks to amazing people! So grateful- I’m kinda living out of my car/at work.

Here’s my week though- I like to call it death week

Tuesday-Moving/Packing/Laundry- all day till I drive to athens- clean- work

Wednesday- Officially check out of my apartment. Work 10:30-2:30 (hope to get a run in after that- need a place to shower though) then work 6-9

Thursday- Pay rent/pick up parking pass at 9. Speaker’s Bureau appt at 10AM. Work 11-4:30. Interview for a volunteer opportunity at 5.

Friday- work 10:30-2:30. Hopefully workout. Work 6-9. Drive home. Pack for camp and do laundry.

Saturday- get ready for camp and leave for camp.

A week from Sunday- move in.

A week from monday- classes start.


I got this right? I feel a little overwhelmed- but i’m wearing a smile on my face while I run around like the energizer bunny.

I cannot wait for camp.

I also apologize for any errors – don’t have to time edit through- have to get to work!

I may also be doing mini blogs throughout the week if I can. and the other Paris ones will come- I PROMISE. in the future

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin!- Until next time and until there’s a cure!


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