I got this… (cue dropping the box)

I say this all the time. Well- at least now I do. People in my life have been saying this ALL the time.

I tend to freak out too much sometimes- overstress a little too much- on things I really shouldn’t stress about or things I don’t need to stress about- Since Paris, I have been trying to work on it- I promise.

I’ve basically been kind of freaking out about my endo appointment for a few weeks- assuming my a1c would go up A TON- because of Paris. Because of how I felt about Diabetes lately and everything.

Well- when the doctor walked in, and started talking to me- I immediately said- “I’m sorry, Paris happened. What’s my a1c?”

He tells me, and it only went up .4- IN SHOCK- he says but Paris would happen- that’s what I would expect.

So, I feel way better- and I’m a little less not so angry about my Diabetes now either- I feel refreshed- Why I freaked out so much? It’s me we’re talking about. But I will try not to quite as much.

One day at a time, right? Well kind of- One day at a time- as long as in the back of my mind my dreams are still whispering to me- and I have all I need to do written down in my planner or on a to-do list. My version of one day at a time.

I have been going since 5:30 this morning- almost 10:30 now- planning on being in bed SOON- and getting up early- I need to shock my sleeping schedule back to 7:30/8AM- not 9:30/10- hopefully this helps.

Had my endo appt at 8AM- left the house by 6. Went to IKEA- I now have a new bed for my new apartment! Got new running shoes!!!!!!!!! Went to the eye doctor. Painted my dresser. Started fixing my TOMS. Drove home. Went to the grocery store. Pretty successful day I’d say.

So- at IKEA- my mom and I were loading the boxes onto to the cart- the cart didn’t want to cooperate with me- AT ALL.

add that, plus heavy boxes, plus a kind of prideful me that refuses to ask for help. plus- a funny feeling.

Well- I’m trying to load the boxes my self, and I feel a little off- the cart is moving EVERYWHERE- the boxes are almost hitting people. Oops. and my mom decides well- someone else needs to do this.

– Um NO. I got this. I work out right? anddddd just because I am a girl, doesn’t mean I cannot lift things- or handle things on my own-

no. I can do it myself- and I sling the rest of the boxes on the shelf- the guy my mom was asking for help replies- “no ma’am, I think she’s got this.”

THERE WE GO. Told you.

I go to another aisle to put the last shelf on the cart- and luckily they didn’t see me- I drop the box. I quickly get it back and fling it on the cart. act like nothing happened.

Then I start feeling worse.

I can barely push the cart.

We get to the cash register- I have to sit down. Immediately, I check my blood sugar.

47. of course.

out of tabs- shame on me and my luck.

purchase a mountain dew and wait.

After being high since i woke up that morning- it is now 11AM- literally- 300’s- finally 200’s for my appointment- I felt awful ALL morning- and now- super low when I need to not be.

of course. my luck. but I still had it- I’m like the energizer bunny. Also, if for some reason I decided to be in a dark alley- who in their right mind would cross me? (I think these two things often while I’m working out)

BP9MPj-CIAAX9SI.jpg large

Aren’t they pretty? SOOOO much better than heals and other fancy shoes. win! (I like to say win now)

I’m starting work on my 1/2 Marathon playlist- and training is underway- October here I come. Let’s Go!

Getting ready for camp, writing papers, working, and moving out- basically the rest of my summer before classes start. oh yeah- and LSAT prep…. oh yes- and blogging- back to a more regular schedule on that again!

for now- working on my application for a wonderful volunteer opportunity!

Love, Words, Insulin, and Inspiration! -Until Next Time! and Until there’s a cure!

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