What I miss about Europe, mostly what I miss about Paris.

Well. Have to follow up yesterdays posts with what I miss and liked about Europe. I already miss Europe- so so much.

  1. Not getting stared at when I gave myself a shot or checked my blood sugar – I didn’t feel like I was constantly being watched or judged while I was doing any of these things. I didn’t feel judged if someone happened to glance over, and if they did- they wouldn’t just stare at me either! 
  2. Not getting rude comments or questions about what I was doing or about my Diabetes
  3. How much better the food overall is for you. Less salt in the food (at least in Paris), less chemicals and preservatives in the food (I knew what all the ingredients were- no read words). less sugar. less crap basically.
  4. I know this is probably a city thing, and I’m pretty sure it is a very Southern concept- but here I don’t like waving and smiling at complete strangers all the time. I also don’t like that if I am in my “I’m on a mission and I need to get somewhere or do something” zone, stopping and talking to someone to chat- If i have the time sure, but if I’m late or don’t have the time- I hate that I am considered rude if I do not. If my headphones are in, I’m in the zone. In Paris, none of this is a thing! Thank goodness. You mind your business and keep going. I don’t have to constantly smile and wave all the time (probably a southern thing too- Kind of wish I was into it).
  5. the chocolate and desserts
  6. The common availability of Nutella Banana Crepes
  7. the metro system
  8. less judgment
  9. different way of lifestyle
  10. ease of travel overall – going to different countries- etc
  11. being in a city with so much to look at and do
  12. Being surrounded by so much history
  13. meeting people from all walks of life
  14. Picnics by the Eiffel Tower
  15. prices on the outside of restaurants
  16. Just the city in general. Just Europe in general.
  17. The people I met and got to know.

Love, Words, Insulin, and Inspiration! – Until Next time! and Until there’s a cure!


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One thought on “What I miss about Europe, mostly what I miss about Paris.

  1. I feel this same way about Barcelona. Coming from Scotland, where stupid people constantly ask ‘Does that get you high like drugs?’ when they see me injecting with insulin, it was pure relief to visit Spain and their natural understanding of diabetes; only getting a funny look when I mixed Diet-Coke with Jack Daniels!

    A link to diabetes in Glasgow http://www.pngwd.com/wordpress/?p=139

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