What I appreciate more now that I have been out of the country.

so here’s the thing- obviously… I loved and do love Europe- I want to go back as much as possible. On a regular basis. Maybe even live there. Yes. There are things, well a lot of things, that I really love about Europe, some things I like even more than the states.

But let’s be honest- there are definitely things about the states I missed, and appreciate more now. In order of importance  for me (more important to less important)

  1. Chobani Greek Yogurt– I missed that stuff so much. I went 6 weeks without it… I usually have 1 sometimes 2 a day. Greek yogurt is definitely an American trend…. I found a few, but it was different than here- still good- but not my apples/cinnamon, pear, chocolate bites, key lime pie- chobani favorites. I missed it so much. I consumed 16 containers of chobani in about 4 days… Yeah. That was me.
  2. Diet Mountain Dew- This past year I had cut down my consumption of diet soda down to 2 servings a week, occasionally a few more. I love my diet mountain dew… not in Europe… at all… not even at Hard Rock. I settled on coke zero, but it’s not the same. at all. First thing I searched for at the Miami Airport before my transfer to ATL…. Diet Mountain Dew of course! I would have paid a lot of money for one… even though I didn’t really have any more left.
  3. Spinach…. It was there… but money being tight I couldn’t just purchase as much as I wanted, and I was on a meal plan for several meals week. I was going to waste money.
  4. Splitting Checks at restaurants. The amount of math we had to do on a regular basis… too much. always very complicated for us all.
  5. AC. Where we stayed… never turned it on.. It got bad. We got angry. They kept saying they would turn it on… It never happened.
  6. refills.
  7. my bed.
  8. Snack foods- especially Diabetes wise
  9. Knowing that I had easy access to my Diabetes supplies.
  10. Knowing I could communicate well in regards to my Diabetes if I needed help. J’ai le diabete. (accent missing).
  11. Communicating in English… although…. I am upset I don’t know any other language very well. I shouldn’t be expecting others to speak English all the time, and not speak their language– I did try my best. But sometimes it was quite stressful.
  12. Regular Deodorant usuage
  13. Being able to use various facial expressions without having to worry about what other would insinuate…

Love, Words, Insulin, and Inspiration! – Until Next time! and Until there’s a cure!


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One thought on “What I appreciate more now that I have been out of the country.

  1. Dude, I am so sick of Diet-Coke you have no idea! I totally feel your pain.
    That’s when you know the diabetics have taken over the world, when Diet-Mountain Dew and Fanta-Light pour from every tap.

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