Let’s Unplug- Study Abroad

This kind of describes how I feel about technology and social media now- even though I am not giving them up or anything- I cannot imagine a world without them- mostly because- I like blogging and keeping in touch with far away friends.

“Before you become too entranced with gorgeous gadgets and mesmerizing video displays, let me remind you that information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other, and we need them all.”

So I guess I took a hiatus from blogging. I apologize. Well. I took a hiatus from a lot of things in general (less facebook, twitter- no computer- no phone-no TV- etc etc-) – especially technology and social media. So I think that will be my first blog (well this one)- other posts will need a little more time I believe. But I apologize- I was going to try and blog as much as possible, but things happened- good things. Not going to make excuses but these reasons (and only some of them) are why-

I was too busy being present- I was too busy being in the moment.  I was taking full advantage of my time in Paris. I was making lifelong friendships with people I barely knew when we arrived. I was traveling. I was unplugging from the world. I wasn’t in the real world. I was going with the flow.  Sometimes I had the choice between going on social media/reading/watching tv/etc or bonding with people and seeing Paris- I choose the latter again and again.

This is how I feel about technology-

It’s great and all. Technology and social media have done a lot of good for the world (oh the pump? I’d say good technology). I utilize them all on a regular basis. But maybe too much? Before I left for Paris, I felt that I used technology and social media in moderation- but maybe I wasn’t. Maybe I used it too often, but I didn’t think so back then. Within in the first week of my study abroad experience I was questioning it.  I realized I had been. I realized how much it can really get in the way.

Technology and social media can keep you connected, but at the same time- don’t they disconnect you from the moment? Do we unplug enough to be fully involved in the moment? Fully listening to the people around us? Getting the full experience of life? – I don’t think we do enough personally. I think that there are times for technology and social media, but I also think there are times when we need to put them away. 

Before my rule of thumb was- I will not be the first person to bring out my phone or laptop, but if someone else brought them out- then I would bring mine out. – in any situation. Not anymore- I will not bring it out if we have made real plans or anything of the sort (you get what I mean?).

See- I didn’t have my cell phone- I had my iPod touch, but no cell phone- I had no data on a regular basis- I had no texting- I had no phone calls- unless I had wifi.- and even then- I didn’t really have calling and I didn’t have anyone’s numbers. I occasionally tweeted. And I occasionally got on facebook- mostly for talking to people at home at the end of the day or posting pictures. And I only got on pinterest twice while I was there (WOAH). I watched two movies while I was there. I didn’t watch any TV. I barely even read.  I didn’t have my laptop either. It was a nice vacation from it all. I did miss these sometimes, but only for a little while. Before I knew it- I wasn’t missing them at all.

While we were in Paris, especially when we left the dorm (or any place without wifi) we didn’t have a lot of means of communication or distractions- some people did have limited data- but that was more for maps and emergencies.

If we said we were going to meet somewhere- we had to. We had to know where to go and what we we going to do before we left- we had to plan more (we did get lost, but we tried right?). While we were seeing Paris we had nothing to distract us. While we out and about- sightseeing, eating, etc- we got to know each other so much faster because we didn’t have a phone in our face. Many of us agreed that we did like this change of pace.

Now that I am back- I have been on them quite a bit- but…. I have been in a lazy mood- filled with a lot of sleep. Starting Monday, way less than I have been! Not as little as Paris- but not as much as before- a better kind of moderation than before. Living by there is a time and a place for everything.

Love, Words, Insulin, and Inspiration! -Until Next Time! and Until there’s a cure!

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