I’m great at getting un-lost. My weekend in London (brief overview of it)

I’m really bad about blogging on a consistent basis- I am going to just have to accept that and write when I can.

I absolutely LOVED my weekend in London! I cannot wait to hopefully live there in the future- along with all of Europe- wait THE WORLD. I’m going to see and change the world. It’ll happen- the end! I love Europe. so much.

I loved my hotel a lot! It was nice to relax- although I would have liked to experience a hostel- maybe someday- it was nice to relax!

(kind of just a rough summary of what I did- for family and friends- more Diabetes related posts to come!)

So a few of us left for London on Wednesday afternoon. We took the Eurostar out of Gare du Nord in Paris and into St. Pancras in London. Went under the English Channel- why I was nervous? I don’t even understand why now. We arrived at the hotel and received delicious cookies- which I loved! Then I had Indian for the first time! Where have I been hiding from all these wonderful things!? I need to get it together!

Thursday we did a double-decker tour bus in London and Westminster. so worth it! we saw all the major sites. We did the London Eye! I was slightly scared- but this man walked up to us because I did freak out a little bit. Turns out he was a psychologist from VA- he told me to look down… No thank you! Then… went to the ORIGINAL Hard Rock Cafe in London. I couldn’t even contain myself! We sat in the original seats. 🙂

Friday – I did my own personal walking tour- 2 hours ended up turning into about 4 hours-  got slightly lost- My favorite part of that day was the Queen’s Walk– such a cool area! I walked around for a while. saw a lot of Harry Potter type things! Like the millennium bridge- which has a few locks on it like the walking bridges in Paris. and I got to meet super awesome JDRF UK people! They let me come to the visit to office- I was late because I was lost of course! They told me about all what they were doing and about the walk in London- across all the bridges??? Why can’t I be there for that in September? and a Great Gatsby Gala- wish I could go to that. Oh well. I’ll be living in London soon enough- I can go to all the events and volunteer then. CAN’T wait!

Saturday…. well… that was a little bit of a mess. I woke up to go to the war rooms. got on the tube…. the tube and I need to have a discussion. Basically I was delayed for almost an hour. didn’t make it to the war rooms, and I got lost… because my stop was closed down… what… but I barely found my way to another tube station so I could make it to the Alternative Tour in London!  I loved it! Glad that I BARELY made it. Phew! I learned about the History of the East End, and I got to see some AMAZING street art! Then off to Abbey Road. Loved that whole area- the people and cars were polite. Then I spent the rest of the day in the National Galleries- I really appreciate that free aspect!

Sunday, I just relaxed because I was exhausted and my foot was killing me! I went to Platform 9 3/4 of course! I am so glad that I am part of the Harry Potter Generation! Got my picture taken! and took the train home (to paris that is)

I ate at “Eat.” “Pret,” and “Caffe Nero” A LOT. Reasonable. Yummy. and Healthy. Some organic too. I would highly recommend it!

Everybody in London was very nice too! They were always willing to give me good directions. Also, they all could not get over how nice and adorable I was apparently? I got wonderful service everywhere! (free stuff too) and I had great conversations wherever I went.

I was a little nervous to travel on my own for parts of it- but in the end I had a blast- I love traveling so much. I love traveling with people too- but it’s nice being on my own too!

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until Next Time! and Until There’s a Cure!



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