Wedges + cobblestones + me = oops

well- I should have known it would be me- I should know by now I have that kind of luck.

I, Mindy, have experienced the french medical system, well the pharmacy anyways, firsthand

but guess what?

It wasn’t diabetes related, at all!


Here’s the story- on Sunday- I decided to try and wear shoes- shoes-shoes- not toms or converse or sneakers or flipflops- I wore wedges- biggg mistake. I’m not used to them, and cobblestones and I don’t get along very well. I twisted my ankle- caused some damage- for a while there was huge knot at the base of my ankle. I couldn’t walk on it very well, but no worries- it is getting so much better! A bruise is coming along nicely! Monday morning I tried to get some ice for it- well Europe doesn’t really do ice. The bag of peas was toooooo big so I got broccoli, and I iced it during class. After class I went to the pharmacy- the pharmacist didn’t speak any English, and my french is well… not the best- I can kind of get around and read it well but speaking… not my thing. I was also hurting and stressed which didn’t help at all. But a lot of pointing and hand gestures and words we both understood got us understanding each other! She got me a bandage, which breathes a lot better than what I am used to, and what I call a magic cream- it’s a local (I think) cream to help with muscle/tendon pain and swelling. It works wonders!

So I’ve been limping around Paris looking pitiful- oh well- I’m just happy it wasn’t diabetes related- the little things right? My professor told me I could skip going to pere lachaise cemetery- no way! I stumbled my way around- so glad I went!

I head for London tomorrow- and I am tryinggggg to get better about blogging consistently. Trying…. That’s what matters right?

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! – Until Next Time! and Until There’s a cure!


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