Take that Dawn Phenomenon (do you know what that is?)! But wait – now I’m low.

I’m finally sitting down and taking the moment to write about Diabetes and travel/Paris. I’m going to focus on one thing per post so it is easier to read- I was going to do Lantus and such today- but something came up- Finally won the battle!

First of all- overcoming Dawn Phenomenon has not been the most fun thing in the world. What is that you ask? Well, it’s an early morning increase in blood sugar, but it is super abnormal. It basically just happens for no reason- thanks Diabetes. I appreciate it. On the pump, I have it handled pretty well. I have also been eating the same meal basically since I was diagnosed- skim milk, fruit, and a cereal- oatmeal now for me. that has changed slightly over the years- the brand. But I know exactly how my body reacts to it, and how I should handle- that way I don’t have to worry about being high and miserable all day. I also usually give my insulin about 30 minutes before I eat breakfast as well. I also almost ALWAYS run right after breakfast- that helps as well, and I won’t go low later in the day or at night if I work out later.

Well- things are a little different here- I’m not on the pump (but at home I got shots figured out). My schedule isn’t quite as consistent as it usually is- and believe it or not that can impact it a great deal! I am still getting my runs in, but more importantly- my breakfast is not the same. It is cereal- but I don’t really know what kind. Whole milk….. and I don’t always know what fruit will be there either- that means I cannot give all my insulin as early as I usually do- that makes such a difference. I also had to play guess and check. I probably could ask about the carbs- but in all honestly- it wouldn’t have made a huge huge difference – I would still go high.

so for about the first week and a half- I have been running super high in the mornings- during class and my runs. So it was hard to pay attention in class, and I had to shorten my runs… joy…. I kept upping my carb ratio but I was still high. so I upped my lantus eventually. Well- finally this morning it was under control, but I need to lower my lantus because now I am running lower.

when I go on vacation- I usually just try to ignore it, and try to fix it best I can- but no way am I doing that for 6 weeks- and I don’t want to miss out either.

so take that Dawn Phenomenon- I won! Other meals during the day or snacks and desserts and such- I am okay- but that is for another time and another post!

Off to see the Catacombs with the group!

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!


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