Insulin- It’s just live Peeves! Kind of.

Just got done running 6 miles by Le Seine- LOVED it! Running in Paris blog coming soon? yes! Started my run at 289 and finished at 120- woot! and got to eat a yummy cliff bar when I got back!

So I know- I’ve been a little behind on writing travel/diabetes related blogs- I’m trying to catch up! Going to do one everyday for a little bit- that way I will be caught up- anddddddd I can get all these thoughts written ( well typed) down!

Insulin- It keeps us alive. When you’re blood sugar is high you may joke to your friends that – I’m going to shoot up (with insulin of course!) There’s a sweatshirt with that on it- I want! But insulin doesn’t just keep me alive. I don’t produce it. I’m insulin dependent and all that- but there’s more to the story.

Insulin is like Peeves. (The word I would like to use may not be the most appropriate word to put on here- so when you read Peeves choose any word you would like to use!) Why Peeves? First trickster that came to mind, and I love Harry Potter! That’s why.

so insulin- I have a few bones to pick with you… but anyways

If you didn’t already know this…. You can carry a cooler with insulin and other diabetes related snacks on an airplane, and it will not count as a carry-on- as long as  you have a letter from your doctor.

I repeat-

You can carry a cooler with insulin and other diabetes related snacks on an airplane, and it will not count as a carry-on- as long as  you have a letter from your doctor.

I didn’t not know thisfact until this trip when we called because I was concerned about temperature, altitude, and the 6 weeks. I didn’t want my insulin to go bad while I was studying abroad- although- if my insulin were to go bad- Paris would be the place to be. The polite man on the phone told me about the cooler. I’ve had Diabetes for over 13 years, and I just now heard about this. WHAT. On airline websites – it talks about things not counted as a carry-on but I could not find anything that said I could have a cooler- tell ALL your friends- NOW. I wish I would have known when I was diagnosed- it would have made packing so much easier.

I also lucked out on the plane- I asked a flight attendant for some ice because my ice-packs were almost thawed out- Well- he stuck out his arm and showed me his medical alert bracelet that read -Type 1 Diabetes- win! He told me good thinking about ice, and he grabbed me some.

so now onto lantus…

about a week before I left for Paris, I remembered this concept known as time change and time zones… oops.

so here’s the thing- right now I am on shots- I thought about what I would do on the pump- I think I would have changed the time when I had gotten on the plane to head to Paris- after I landed in Miami from Atlanta. I would have definitely increased my basal for the whole flight, and possibly the day after- at least 150%- depends though. The day of my flight I increased my lantus from 12 to 18- sitting for long periods of time and being lazy impacts my blood sugars a lot. I am very sensitive to it. While in Paris my lantus is at 13.

on lantus- I had this whole other problem of what to do. I take my lantus in the morning- usually around 8AM (2PM in Paris) . You can’t just switch it by 6 hours- don’t even wanna know what would have happened. I decided to start taking my lantus about an hour earlier each morning until I was 6 hours ahead. A nurse told me once that being an hour later or an hour earlier with latnus isn’t the end of the world- so that was my plan. I set my alarm for lantus an hour earlier each day- when I got to Paris I was at 10AM, and within a few days I was at 8AM again- (2AM Eastern time).

That has actually been no problem at all! Smooth sailing-unlike some other things like Carbs, schedule, and Dawn Phenomenon…

Also, while I’ve been in Europe (well Paris)- when I give a shot or check my blood sugar- all eyes are NOT on me. People don’t come up to me and make rude comments. I don’t hear people snickering and everything. That is so different from the U.S.- I really like it. I’m all for being different and being unique and embracing Diabetes, but I do NOT like being gawked at, and I do NOT like comments either. That is a very nice change.

It may sound like I am joking when I say I am going to move here- but I’m serious- I WILL live here!

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin. -Until Next Time! and Until There’s a Cure!


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