Crossing the Bay of Le Mont St. Michel-

So I’m not so great at keeping with blogs on a consistent basis -at least right now- while I’m in Paris- having the most amazing time of my life. I’m also having a problem with this whole having enough space on my flashdrive for pictures.. oops… need to purchase another!

That’s okay right that I’m a little scattered on writing? I plan on writing a blog about beginning with Diabetes type things and adjusting soon- I promise- but for now- I just HAVE to write about the weekend in Normandy with everyone in my class.

To say the least it was amazing. Also, I had two things I crossed off on my bucket list that I didn’t even know needed to be on there! I am going to briefly talk about the weekend- besides my favorite part which I am saving for last of course! I am also exhausted…

So Thursday morning -bright and early- we set off for Normandy! Like very early! The weather forecast did not look extremely promising… It was cold. and when I say cold- I mean very cold.

I slept like a baby during the three hour bus ride- finally got my blood sugar to cooperate with the mornings here- that has been frustrating… I kept waking up and saying I would stay up. Well mumbling. Then I would go back to sleep again…

The whole weekend was kind of a whirlwind- we did so much- so I’m going to focus on the things that I really remembered, thought were interesting, important, fun, etc. It is scattered and probably not in order at all….

Of course we visited all the D-Day Museums- it’s pretty interesting seeing different perspectives ya know?

We went to Omaha Beach- it is surreal to me that  all the history that occurred there- incredible. I slightly remember the beaches from when I was little- what I clearly remember is my dad telling me to be quiet. We also went to Point du Hoc- the wind was very clear on its strength and power.

We stayed in Caen. sadly, we got there a little too late and we weren’t able to do a whole lot. We did see a few beautiful sights though- it was FREEZING! Dinner was delicious, and my favorite part was the crepe I had called la Normande. I decided I had to get it! It was caramel, icecream, and caramelized apples- delicious- and bonus? I managed the correctly count the carbs because my blood sugars remained smooth all night!

We saw the Bayeux Tapestry in a cute little town- We got off and had lunch at this cute little cafe- we headed straight for it because it read “English spoken” or similar to that.

When we found this cafe, I had gotten super low. I was doing okay, until right before we found it. I’m the type of person who is all for we should make sure this is the best place ya know? Well the people I was with were not for that at all- they decided this was the place to go now. They wanted to make sure I was okay.

I got cheese tomato soup and a coke. It was actually delicious! and reasonably priced. a few of us then found Crepes again! I had chocolate and pears- trying to spice it up ya know? DELICIOUS! and again I was good to go!

We also went to Saint-Malo. So beautiful- I highly recommend going there! It was absolutely beautiful. This is where I met the wonderful and amazing Coco- our tour guide! I loved her! She was a cute and really cool little lady! Super spicy too!  I want to be friends with her! The first thing I clearly remember is her asking if anyone was Scandinavian- I raise my hand- the only one to do so. She quickly responds with close your ears (part of the history she was telling us).

The view was beautiful and amazing!

Now- onto today- my favorite part- followed closely by Saint-Malo. Basically I have added two things to my bucket list after they have been crossed off. Crossing the Bay to Le Mont St. Michel- I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful, inspiring, and peaceful this  place was to me- yes we were sloshing around in some rivers that almost went up to our hips. But I didn’t care. The weather decided to cooperate with us! We walked barefoot about 4 miles. The fact that so many people have done this before me blows my mind. The fact that this place was built before modern technology just inspires me. It was so amazing. I am so glad I was able to do this. Hopefully I will be able to do this again- if you haven’t done this or added it to your bucket list- do it NOW!

Towards the end we also got to experience quicksand- I was a little weary at first but I decided I needed to do it. so glad I did!

I am also so glad that I am getting to know the amazing people on this trip as well.

sorry it was a little short- probably doesn’t do it enough justice- but I am pressed for time, and exhausted- I have also realized I have a picture taking problem- I take way too many… but what is too many??

I may edit this later and add to it- I will republish it then!

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!


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