Packing… with a Diabetes eye, an irritated eye actually. (for 6 weeks)

Even though I packed  many days ago, and I’ve been in Paris for several days- it’s been super busy- I’ve had a hard time getting to a computer to type everything out- and I don’t like using the tablet and my ipod for all this writing.

But here it is- FINALLY! Packing with a diabetes eye- an irritated one. and not just packing for a weekend or a week or two- this was for 6 plus weeks.

And BELIEVE me- I thought packing for a week or two was irritating. Trying to plan it out. Estimate how much you’ll need. taking up space. etc, etc- you catch my drift. but this was worse to me…

Below? All of my belongings I packed for 6 weeks. Somehow I managed with two carry-ons, a pillow, my camera, a cooler for insulin, and a checked bag.

First of all- the bright pink one- some gates and airports will allow you to have that for your luggage- but where I flew from- was NOT one of them. According to them it was too big. I had to repack in front of the gate because I was NOT checking 6 weeks of medical supplies that I needed so I survive. That was a little irritating and upsetting – didn’t help that I was nervous. I tried to explain that this was not just stuff, but I needed it to stay alive. The lady quickly said “well you should have taken that into account when you packed. Obviously you  over packed.” WHAT. Maybe it did look like over packing- but for me it was not at all. They didn’t even allow me to explain so I decided to “choose my battles”- they could win this one. For once- going through TSA was not a nightmare! Probably because 1) I was on shots and not the pump. 2) I had the letter from my endo. 

Big airports know more about diabetes than the smaller ones usually. Most of my problems come from the smaller airports and unfortunately the Atlanta airport (where I call home). I have almost missed flights because they wouldn’t even acknowledge my letter or my medical ID bracelet…


The bright pink bag-

Mostly… it is filled with diabetes supplies, other prescriptions, and foods for me- it was STUFFED.

My pink book-bag- had a lot of supplies for class. books to read. my toiletries. more diabetes supplies. my chargers and such. my ipod. my international phone for emergencies. and a few other odds and ends.

My camera and my pillow- they don’t count those as carry-ons. YAY. 

My cooler? DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS. First time someone (this was American Airlines- very nice about diabetes related issues) told me it was okay to have a cooler for my supplies, BUT it would not count as a carry-on. I looked online, and it isn’t black and white about medications. But yes- BRING A COOLER FOR INSULIN- and a letter of why you have it. At security- they did have to look through it because of the icepacks. Surprisingly, It was quick and painless though.

My check-in was of course all clothes and shoes.


Not the best quality picture in the world- but you get what I’m saying.

I did not pack some things because I figured I could buy it here- and I have been able too.

I had alllll of my stuff packed the Monday before I left, and I thought I left enough room for my Diabetes stuff- nope not at all. I had to REPACK everything Tuesday night. I doubled my numbers for what I would need because I would rather not run out here. But if something were to happen diabetes wise- France is the place to be- because they do have a good medical system.

I had an ahaaaaaa moment on my flight though- All these supplies will pretty much be gone when I leave- that means… you guessed it…. more room for what I bring back!

Off to the Arm Museum (American translation) It’s rainy and a lot is closed because of holiday.

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!



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