Being Prepared for What-If’s

So last week, Murphy’s Law hit.

My pump malfunctioned.

I wasn’t getting my insulin. My blood sugars were running higher and ketones hit. When I decided to pull off my pump, I couldn’t turn it off…

That was a fun Sunday night/Monday morning…

But now I have this new one that turns off pretty easily. And it’s working. The battery lasts longer too! Oh how I missed my pump, and I’m so glad to get one back! This was a mini pump vacation I wasn’t prepared for and that didn’t go smoothly. But that’s how I treated it… as a mini-pump vacation.


I ended up pulling my pump Monday mid-morning. Luckily, I’m already on POLI and I was able to add some additional long acting insulin since I’m on Tresiba.

So… Luckily, I was prepared. I guess anxiety can be good for something? I always carry a vial, syringes, a long acting pen and sometimes a short acting pen. I also have spare pump sites in my bag and in my office drawer. (and in my gym bag).

So even though I was running high with ketones, I didn’t have to leave work. When I ripped out my pump and didn’t hope for the best with leaving it in/doing ANOTHER site change, I started feeling much better after an insulin shot.

Carrying stuff… Just in case right? Which is definitely a huge change on my end.

Growing up, I might be carrying glucose tabs on a good day. I’d have pump supplies at school, but usually not on me. But I never had long acting insulin in my fridge and rarely carried pump supplies with me or syringes just in case.

Now that I really think about it… I WAS SO LUCKY FOR SO LONG. Also, my dad might have gotten phone calls over the years, needing to come bring me something because I didn’t have any extra. But… teen years– there’s a lot going on- like development and forgetting is DEFINITELY a thing.

So it is good to be prepared. I wouldn’t want to ruin plans or need to leave work because I didn’t bring anything extra. That’s diabetes unnecessarily getting in the way.

But maybe an emergency happens- and you want to be prepared.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t forget to refill my supplies once I’ve used them… which does happen.


I was finally able to reconnect to a new pump on Friday. I didn’t sleep well all week because blood sugars were everywhere… But I slept SO well this weekend. I feel like a new person.

Oh- and to continue the pump saga- after I took my shower this AM- I forgot to reattach my pump and left it at home. Yay for mistakes on my end! Oops……

I am ON a roll!


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