Day 1- Message Monday

Message Monday – Monday 5/16
Lets kick off the week by talking about why we are here, in the diabetes blog space. What is the most important diabetes awareness message to you? Why is that message important for you, and what are you trying to accomplish by sharing it on your blog? (Thank you, Heather Gabel, for this topic suggestion.)


Woah- this feels like one of those “who are you” questions with the follow up of “no. really who are you?”

It’s deep man.


What’s the most important diabetes awareness message to me and what am I trying to accomplish by sharing it on my blog? There are SO many awareness messages. Everyone is so different and changing. But I guess if I have to narrow it down- my main and most important diabetes message in terms of right here and right now and for me– is the name of my blog.

There’s More to the Story.

There is always more to the story.

Behind the diabetes. Behind mental health. Behind your situation. Behind the number and the graph. Behind the access. Behind the education.


Like I said, there’s more to the story- life (is always first), diabetes, and mental health- and let’s be upfront here- I also don’t like being “talked at” all the time- so this my answer to all of the questions related to my care and life- because usually there is a story behind why- but it gets ignored- the diabetes gets the focus- but there is SO much more. 

Should I stop now?


But overall-

I’m really passionate about advocacy- specifically access/insurance and education. People STILL cannot afford to stay alive- not just around the world but in the states! So although, I appreciate the efforts around CGM and insulin pumps- I wonder when the focus of staying alive will be at the forefront of our lives. And then there’s the education system and diabetes- which let’s be real- don’t always go well together.

Then there’s mental health and diabetes and mental health in general. I’m super passionate about that. I’ve gotten on a soapbox lately, and it’s mental health awareness month. So that fits nicely! Like many other jumping points or parts of my life, I wanted more “me too’s.” and I saw very few of these with diabetes and mental health- both so taboo. I also made it my goal to be more honest in my writing and in life with diabetes. Diabetes Burnout hit me HARD because I refused to acknowledge any of the negatives. The moment I started being honest with myself and in my blogging, that really helped- and I started finding more me too’s!


Which kind of go hand in hand with there’s more to the story. Yep. There’s more to the story. To our personal stories and to people’s personal stories that you really don’t know all of. Maybe pieces- but we are so different

  • Different management choices
  • Different histories
  • Different beliefs
  • Different socioeconomic status
  • Different views
  • Different experiences
  • Different education levels
  • Different preferences
  • Different points in life
  • Etc etc.

So what works for one does not always work for another.

And there are still so many people out there we don’t hear from- the DOC is just a small fraction of people with diabetes.


But all of this is not why I started blogging- it’s how it eventually evolved- as I found my voice and my passions in college.


You see when I was in college and growing up- I had no intentions of writing a diabetes blog. Actually, when I was about to start college- I wanted NOTHING to do with diabetes. I wanted a break from it all- glad that didn’t actually happen!


One day- I went to google. I was about to study abroad. Because the thought crossing my mind was- How on earth do I do this?

Well- google actually disappointed me. I found articles on travel and backpacking even, but pretty much nothing on study abroad- specifically experiences- very few young adult voices. I luckily had friends from camp to answer questions.

So I decided, like I often do, well I guess I should join in and find my voice.

And I haven’t looked back since.

(FYI- the College Diabetes Network now has resources for just that).


I’ve watched more varied voices arrive to the DOC which I’m very excited about.


So to finally answer the last question, what do I hope to accomplish?

I want me too’s to be everywhere I look.

Because there are many aspects of my life- where while growing up and even today- I look around and ask where are my people at?


The diabetes overall- that was covered in the beginning by camp, and then CDN/the DOC. But there are certain aspects of life and diabetes- where the me too’s are not as common or not as loud. Especially with mental health. Especially with other aspects of life. Especially with young adults.

So here I am- relentless and sarcastic and loud- with no filter searching for as many “me too’s” as possible.


Happy Diabetes Blog Week!

Hey you! Yes, you! 

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We’ll both be glad you did! -Mindy

15 thoughts on “Day 1- Message Monday

  1. I really admire you in that you talk so openly about mental health, and I know that your writing helps others going through the same thing. You’re so right, there is always more to the story!

  2. I aspire to be able to talk about mental health and diabetes without hesitation. I’m taking baby steps toward that, and I’m so glad others are launching right in. Because really, why hesitate?

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