ADHD Medication

So about a year ago, I went on medication for ADHD for the first time-

My intention when I went for a diagnosis was just answers. But I had also never thought about any other alternatives.

After a long discussion with the provider I found, she said I should at least meet with someone to talk about it- to rule it out or maybe even look into it.

So then there was scheduling that appointment. Which was difficult. I finally got an appointment to be “screened” at our health center on campus, which they already had me on file…. But I went. I do “struggle” with having to repeat my history all of the time. I feel like certain things get the focus. After going through my history, the person screening me was caught up with “how sad” much of it was. She kept mentioning I should do counseling for this and that. Which I politely stated that I had. Mentioning my history doesn’t automatically equal I need to get counseling for it- especially if I already have. And I don’t find use in going to counseling when I’m not ready. I spent so many wasted hours with that growing up. And trust me- I now try to be proactive and look into it when I need to.


Can we maybe talking about the resilience? Or not only focus on my dad and the diabetes? Sure- that’s a big part of my history- and not just mental health. But there’s a lot of other things going on-


Can we talk about the fact that all of these things run in my family?

That college students are more likely to have a diagnosis?

That maybe other things are also important?

Or- like with most- will we just ignore the rest of life and focus on the diabetes?


After I finished screening, there was scheduling an appointment. At first no one wanted to see me because I wouldn’t be there long enough since I was graduating soon. Which I understood. But eventually I broke down on the phone.  And someone decided to agree to it. Now remember, I didn’t want medication. I go into the appointment. We start talking. He does one of his “tests” where he starts describing the room, and he watched my attention move from item to item.


He asks a few questions about how my mental health and diabetes interact (points for him!) He then states after that and reading my file, he would recommend trying out medication. I probably don’t know or even remember not being like this- so it “feels” normal.

I didn’t want medication. I had a diagnosis. That’s all I needed in my mind. All I wanted.

But I asked for information about it. Asked what my options were.

How would it impact my Type 1? And out he pulls printed articles about just that.

He didn’t see a lot of effects reported- besides people stating they didn’t forget things related to diabetes as much. And some people’s blood sugars were lowered because less stress and not being all over the place that much.


Something in me said to at least try it. So, I walked out with a prescription.


And to be completely honest- it was one of the better decisions I have ever made.

Almost of all the symptoms subsided. But most important my anxiety subsided A LOT. Which made me go “woah” how did I function like that for so long? Because my anxiety went down, my BG’s went down. I wasn’t interrupting people all of the time. I was more focused and able to get things done in a timely manner. etc. etc.


I find medication for the ADHD very helpful. I definitely side with the mindset that medication shouldn’t be the go to or easy answer. It needs to be explored with counseling too and what the person needs. I do know there are insurance/financial situations that don’t allow for it. Through talking to people and what I studied in school I’ve heard so many different experiences and viewpoints. Mine is- what is best for the person taking them (or not taking them)? Maybe to not take them and do counseling. Maybe both. Maybe just the medications. Does the medication work okay with them? So many things to consider.


Then I moved to Boston and a new person was writing my script. We then switched to extended release. After that, he said he wanted to explore medication for anxiety.

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