Mother Nature is calling… again. Wait, on a regular basis.

I don’t know if you would call this embarrassing or scary or annoying (or all three plus other adjectives concerning this). Maybe even TMI….?

But first- let’s time travel.

I was in Kindergarten, age 5 or 6. Pre-diagnosis in 1st Grade.

As a child, there was something about asking to use the bathroom during a non-specified time, that I wouldn’t say terrified me, but I had no intention of asking. It wasn’t just needing to go the bathroom- I didn’t like asking for things or having all eyes on me (some things don’t change).

I remember being in our scheduled computer lab time.

I’m sure you know what I am about to say.

I realized I needed to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t want to ask… I realized I wouldn’t make it to our scheduled break…

Instead of asking my teachers to be excused… I peed my pants in the middle of the computer lab. I had NO intention of even telling anyone. I knew I would be going home soon, and I would rather go, not telling anyone.

Luckily, my teacher noticed. Luckily, everything was handled discretely. Luckily, I had a change of clothes at school.

I was told to let people know- thinking to myself- I have learned my lesson- not the asking when I need something lesson that I still struggle with- but the lesson that even if I didn’t need to use the bathroom at the time, if there was an opportunity (scheduled or the fact that there is one nearby), I would take it Therefore, I wouldn’t need to ask for help or have people watching me, but I wouldn’t have an accident either.

What is the point of this flashback? If I find a restroom, even if I don’t need to go, I use it. Because who knows where the next one (or next time) will be.. Because who knows if it will fit my standards… Because who know what Diabetes will throw at me…

To this day-

  • Right before I leave for anywhere (from home, work, a location, etc); am about to be in class, a meeting, an appointment, or something scheduled; before I work out; I make sure to find the restroom.
  • If I had a low blood sugar and used juice to treat, if I know I have had more liquids, if I don’t feel well, ESPECIALLY if I am traveling (especially in a foreign country). Etc. Etc.

ESPECIALLY- After a high blood sugar–  I forgot (thirst and needing to use the restroom) this was all a part of a high blood sugar… How could I forget?

I can’t believe this didn’t click- at one point- I thought- is something wrong with me? Because after a high blood sugar, when I have to go- I HAVE TO GO.

Eventually it clicked. There isn’t necessarily something wrong with me.. just a part of Diabetes.

About 6 months ago- I made one of my many trips back and forth from Athens, GA to Atlanta, GA.

Drive from Atlanta to Athens… a normal day… I was about  halfway to ¾ of the way back  home on 316- for those of you who know 316, there is a stretch of “nothing.”- Of course, I passed all of the stores and restaurants and was in “nothing” land.

That’s when it hit me. I needed to go the bathroom- NOW- because of that high blood sugar earlier.

There were moments I thought

  • How will I explain that I peed my pants while I was driving?
  • Should I pull over?

It was touch and go for a while, but I made it to the nearby fast food restaurant- I went RUNNING in. Doing a dance as I went. I BARELY made it. Thank goodness there wasn’t any traffic.

Of course- I remembered Kindergarten me as well as the time I studied abroad- I learned quickly.


(photo from Studying Abroad in 2013 in Paris) 

I sadly (and laughing to myself a little bit because it’s kind of funny) don’t think it’s always avoidable.

In closing, as part of a pretty great quote says “laugh at the confusion…”

Now I have a kind-of-a-funny-story with a lesson thrown in to tell, right?

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3 thoughts on “Mother Nature is calling… again. Wait, on a regular basis.

  1. Cute blog!    The bathroom access and planning ahead.  Miss Dawn I am guessing. Love, Mom

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    From:”There’s More to the Story: LIFE, Diabetes, and Mental Health” Date:Fri, Aug 28, 2015 at 8:49 AM Subject:[New post] Mother Nature is calling… again. Wait, on a regular basis.

    mindybartleson posted: “I don’t know if you would call this embarrassing or scary or annoying (or all three plus other adjectives concerning this). Maybe even TMI….? But first- let’s time travel. I was in Kindergarten, age 5 or 6. Pre-diagnosis in 1st Grade. As a child, t”

  2. I am Riley JENKINS grandmother (meme) I enjoy your stories. I would like to receive them as an email. I have a special place in heart ❤️ for Type 1 .

    • Hi! Thank you for stopping by! If you are on a computer, there is a link to sign-up to stay up the date on the right side of the screen (it says keep up). If you’re on a phone, it’s on the bottom of the screen.

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