#docBurnout2015- self-care addition

First of all, anyone who puts themselves out there, you are BRAVE– your voice matters and adds value to the discussion. Whether you are (writing or tweeting or anything in between) doing this to get your voice out there, wanting to be a part of a community and not feel alone, educating the world around, etc, etc- GO YOU– whatever your goals may be.

DOC- thanks for the laughs, the feels when I don’t even realize I need to let it out, the OVERWHELMING support I constantly feel, creating a community for some people who don’t have access to it, getting the discussion and information out there, and talking about what some people don’t want to talk about. (that’s exhausting and so much- so thank goodness the work is divided- am I right?)

Growing up, I felt that everyone around me was telling me what I needed or wanted, what I should do, what to advocate for, and so much more. I had to push my way into the conversation or find ways to make sure I was heard. I was also wondering, where are the other loud PWD’s? The outspoken? The ones with an opinion? Because the people I went to school with who had Type 1- wanted to hide- didn’t want to be a part of it (which I totally understand). And the local diabetes community I was a part of didn’t meet all the time- camp only once year and I didn’t live close to a lot of stuff going on. When I entered the DOC and heard (figuratively and literally) others, I was like there are other people with Diabetes out there talking (but all voices matter!)!!!!

When I started writing about DOC Burnout and seeing some of the discussion online….and no offense to any of the writers (because it is good stuff and it needs to be talked about),  I felt my head nodding in agreement with many of them and could feel the triggers of burnout that I recognize in myself- so I will quickly go over DOC, Social Media/Blogging, Burnout- and then move onto self-care.

Basically though, if I feel burned out- I step away- I stop– I do not force myself to be involved or to write. I do what feels most natural. If I feel like I’ve already a little too much Diabetes, Mental Health, or even life for the day… I step back- I don’t participate in that online chat on twitter or scan social media or write a blog post. and guess what? That is PERFECTLY okay.

I mostly feel DOC Burnout in conjunction with a rough day (not just diabetes). I especially felt DOC Burnout when I was in the middle of Diabetes Burnout myself- my blog was silent, twitter nothing- all went with my general feelings of burnout. Not to say I don’t feel it in general, but I don’t have a specific trigger I would say- it depends on the day.

So simply put, if I don’t feel it that day, I leave it for another day. 


So I recently wrote about boundaries and things I do because there is a lot of Diabetes in my life (I have it, DOC, work, blog, friends, etc).

So as a person with Social Work degree as well as my strong feelings about mental health and taking care of myself; mind, body, and soul- I would rather write about the self-care I do- which is helpful for me if I am ever feeling burnt out and truthfully, I think writing about DOC Burnout, might actually… burn me out a little if I write too much? Let the self-care train begin!


(something I craft-ed- YAY pinterest- sadly didn’t survive my multiple moves)

Self-care. Every. Single. Day. Even if it is just 5 minutes

Some of these things I do on a regular basis, on occasion, when I feel I need it (i.e. a rough day or feeling burned out), etc- it’s always changing. I have learned that self-care is needed…. the hard way…

  1. I thoroughly enjoy “The Little Things.” I laugh at them (and myself). I celebrate them. They add up!
  2. My regular Instagram posts (@mindy_bartleson).
    1. Almost daily, or a few times each day, I post a photo of travel (or other latergrams or other posts) with a quote.
    2. This is not for “more likes” or “more follows” but I’ll admit that these are a nice plus.
    3. How is this self-care? I enjoy pictures- so I get to look at pictures every day for this. I like travel; planning and past- I get to get into that. I LOVE quotes- so I get to read and type out a quote each day.
  3. I am ALWAYS listening to music. I even have different playlists for different moods or situations.
  4. I read a minimum of 20 minutes each day.
  5. I love to craft.
  6. If I am angry, I clean– so… watch out!
  7. I know this is looked at differently- and people think it is bad or not healthy… BUT. I like to binge watch TV so I can “turn my brain off.”
  8. I enjoy running. (and yoga).
  9. I “treat myself.”
    1. That can range from a yummy treat or something to buy.
  10. I talk with my support system.
  11. I enjoy popping bubble wrap.
  12. If I have a had a bad day- I watch “Legally Blonde.
    1. Depending on the “scope” of the bad day… I may have a movie marathon.
      1. “Legally Blonde” 1 and 2; “Perks of Being a Wallflower;” “Pitch Perfect;” and Disney movies.
  13. I let myself enjoy those few minutes (but let’s be honest- I extend it as long as possible) where I am changing my CGM and pumpsite… Where nothing is connected to me and for a few short moments… I am free. 
  14. (Plus the other things I mentioned in my boundaries blog.)

I’m sure there is more.


(not my photo)- but it gets the point across!

and remember- we all handle things differently because we are all so unique and have different perspectives on so much- Your Diabetes May Vary- right? 

Hey you! Yes, you! 

Let’s connect on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (maybe even 2 or all of those!). 

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We’ll both be glad you did! -Mindy

2 thoughts on “#docBurnout2015- self-care addition

  1. What a great post!!! You are right, the DOC is a wonderful place, but it’s okay to step away when we need to. I need to keep all of your self-care tips in mind. Because we can’t help take care of others if we are a mess ourselves. Thank you!!

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