It’s just data.

I have elaborated on a few of these. Enjoy.

I’m more than a number.

  • a1c, blood sugar readings, blood tests don’t tell the whole story. These are just numbers that guide me to better Diabetes management. I am not simplified to a little number on a screen. It’s just data. This is NOT a reflection of who I am as a person or even the work I put into my Diabetes management. I cannot be belittled by a number. I cannot put everything into one number. I cannot let this reflect the value of myself as a person. There are no Good or Bad Blood Sugars….

I’m more than a future possible complication.

  • Enough Said. Please do not tell me how I am going to (insert possible complication here) in the future or because of one blood sugar.

I’m more than my diagnosis.

  • Getting diagnosed on my Diabirthday was not the end of the world. It was not when I would stop living- it was when I started. That is where my life begins- it’s one of my first memories that are clear as day. BUT. That is not all of who I am. I got diagnosed with Diabetes- but I am LIVING and THRIVING with Diabetes. There is so much more to me.

I’m more than a Diabetes joke.

  • KitKat lasagna- DOES NOT MEAN DIABETES. STOP THAT NOW.  Pan of cookies does not equal Diabetes. I could keep going. These are cruel and mean and ignorant and so much more more. Just stop. Stop the jokes. They are NOT funny. Educate yourselves.

I’m more than an insurance policy.

I’m more than a dollar sign.

I’m more than a statistic.

I’m more than a “sad story.”

  • When I send my JDRF, Camp, or D4D letters to get donations. I briefly mention how many times I have to check my blood sugar or change my site. Honestly- that number surprises me. I focus on all that I have accomplished. My focus isn’t despite having diabetes. I just share all that I have accomplished. This is NOT despite diabetes. These are just my accomplishments. I don’t want people to feel bad for me. I don’t want them to say look at what she has done even with Diabetes. I want people to say- look at her accomplishments, and we should offer our support because she is so passionate about (insert here).

I often find myself thinking this when I interact with the world, but I also needed to be reminded sometimes. I can get caught up in numbers and comments and insurance nonsense, but there’s more to me and Diabetes than that.


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